Preparing a Property for AirBnB; Consider These Principles

While it’s true that AirBnB has become a little less popular of late, with some jurisdictions even banning the platform entirely, the brand still goes from strength to strength in how many people it serves on a global scale. It’s also a helpful side hustle opportunity for those looking to gain temporary income from their vacant properties, be that a spare room or full house, condo, apartment, or cabin they have free for use.

If you’re preparing a property for Airbnb use, it’s important to consider some vital metrics to keep you pushing in the right direction. After all, all hosts have to make sure their properties are safe, secure and offer the right utilities if they hope the best clients and most glowing reviews come in. But what does that mean in actuality?

In this post, we’ll discuss how to correctly prepare a property for AirBnB utility. Consider these principles below:

Keep The Bathrooms In Good Condition


One of the main complaints against otherwise well-curated properties is a lack of good bathroom design or utility. Make certain that yours has been renovated to standard, and that functions like towel heating racks or underfloor heating work well. Also, make sure directions in unique bathrooms are provided – not everyone knows how to clean up a wet room after its use! You might even use a service such as Bathshack to refine your bathroom ahead of guests, to make certain every utility works, and every element of privacy is granted.

Be Clear With Neighbours


Your property might be secondary to you, but it could be a permanent neighbourly fixture to those who live near it. That’s why it’s so important to be clear with neighbours about your desire to run an Airbnb. That’s not to say they can dispute you of course, but rather it’s good for them to know why so many people come and go, why it may be vacant for a week yet very active at the weekend, and what to do if they need to make a noise complaint so you can contact the guest and ask them to reside in line with your agreed rules. All of this can make a valuable effort in the long run.

Emphasize Safety & Security Measures


If we provide shelter to a client, no matter what kind of home we offer, it’s important to ensure the space is safe and secure. From ensuring the doorbell camera works to showing and defining the locks on the windows and doors to keep them protected, emphasizing safety and security can keep your guests safe, retain the security of the property, and also help protect against mistakes like your guests failing to lock the door before they leave for their business trip or evening party. Of course, you must never have active cameras inside the property unless covering a porch or other innocuous area.

With this advice, you’re sure to prepare a property well for rental, no matter which platform you use to do that.

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