6 Reasons to Buy an Ottoman Bed

An ottoman bed is a stylish and practical solution to maximise your bedroom storage without adding additional furniture. Unlike a traditional bed frame, an ottoman has a movable mattress platform that lifts to reveal spacious under-bed storage – the sturdy gas struts make it easy to lift the hinged mattress base.

An Ottoman bed is the perfect choice if you want a bed that offers comfort and convenience in a single package, and they are ideal for adult and kid rooms.

Here are five reasons to buy an ottoman bed.

Reason #1 – Ottomans maximise bedroom storage.

The key benefit of an ottoman bed is the ample storage space concealed neatly underneath the mattress platform, creating room to stash away off-season clothing, spare bed linens, and plenty more in the ottoman base.

For small bedrooms with limited closet space or studio apartments where square footage is at a premium, the storage an ottoman bed provides can be invaluable. No more rummaging under the bed for lost items either – lift the mattress, and everything is right there.

You can also buy side opening ottoman beds with an end, full or half opening like the one pictured below.

ottoman bed

Pictured: Aspire Chesterfield Sleigh Style Side Opening Ottoman Bed. Avialable from Bedstar.

ottoman bed

Pictured: Giltedge Beds Half End Opening 4FT 6 Double Ottoman Base. Available from Bedstar.

Reason #2 – The space-saving base saves floor space.

Unlike a bulky bed frame with legs that stick out further than the mattress, an ottoman platform base is the same width and length as the mattress for a smooth, streamlined look that ensures no precious floor space in your bedroom goes to waste.

The space-saving ottoman base combined with the expansive storage hidden underneath helps to maximise every inch of bedroom real estate.

Reason #2 – Available with fabric or wooden finishes.

Ottomans come covered in stylish coloured fabrics to match your bedroom decor. Soft quilted padding makes a comfortable place to sit when the mattress is lifted.

You can also opt for a wooden ottoman bed base with beautiful finishes like walnut or oak wood veneers for extra luxury. This makes for an impressive centrepiece to build your bedroom theme around.

Reason #4 – Suitable for any mattress type, new or old.

Whether you prefer responsive foam, traditional open coil springs, or a plush hybrid mattress, an ottoman base provides perfect support. The lift mechanism smoothly raises even heavy mattresses thanks to sturdy metal frames and gas struts built into the ottoman base. No box spring is needed – place your mattress directly onto the ottoman platform for an instant, ready-to-use bed.

Reason #5 – Unbeatable value for money.

While ottoman beds may cost approximately 30% more than a basic bed frame, you are gaining a high-quality base with integrated storage.

The convenience and space savings an ottoman bed offers make the extra upfront investment well worth it for many homeowners.

Think of it this way – putting clothes, linens, and more items into ottoman storage clears floor space for other furniture or creates a less visually cluttered room.

ottoman bed

Pictured: Milan Bed Company End Lift Leather Ottoman Bed – Black. Available from Bedstar.

Reason #6 – Free up or reduce other furniture.

Because an ottoman provides such abundant storage, you can remove other freestanding furniture like dressers or chests of drawers to free up floor space. The spacious ottoman compartment can hold the contents of several drawers worth of clothing, freeing up that furniture to be used elsewhere.

Fewer furnishings combined with the ottoman bed’s space-saving base means more usable square footage across your bedroom. So, not only do you get more storage, but you can simplify your bedroom’s layout – a doubly good deal!

We have over 140 ottoman beds to suit all tastes and budgets. Check out our range of next-day ottoman beds if you need one in a pinch, and filter by colour, size, brand, and customer review rating to find the perfect model.

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