Go Figure! at Light Touch Clinic, Weybridge.

You’d better buckle up! This new incredible treatment plan will change how you think about weight loss and wellbeing forever.

How are you feeling after 2 years of Covid restrictions? Probably a bit like me. Tired, worn out and definitely carrying a few extra pounds thanks to those 1pm glasses of wine and sitting on Zoom meetings for hours. We all needed those quick fixes of pleasure when a global pandemic changed our lives so dramatically. I know I did. And my current waistline is visual proof of that. This is where Light Touch Clinic enters the picture.

Things are slowly changing again as we try to figure out our way back to normality – whatever that is. I for one, are keen to kick some of the bad habits I’ve picked up after the last 24 months. Ok, I’ll level with you, maybe it’s been a bit longer than that.

So, on a bright February morning I set off to sunny Weybridge in Surrey to meet the team at Light Touch Clinic. There’s a new treatment plan there that has been developed by its proprietor Dr. Natalie Geary and I can tell from the outset that this seems like a completely new and innovative way of thinking about and attacking weight loss.

There is simply nothing like this plan anywhere else. With the use of an incredible machine called Emerald Laser (more on that later!) you will also receive an amazing bespoke plan and the very best clinical advice. Dr Natalie proves to be passionate about wanting to help you to feel amazing about your health and your weight. Dr. Natalie can determine your needs to tailor the treatments with a blood test and can provide supplements too. Within the plan is clever techniques and tools that can aid you on your journey including nutritional advice, support and ingenious state of the art equipment.

I could have talked to Dr. Natalie all day; such was her enthusiasm and knowledge on the human body. I felt really listened to about my own thoughts about my body and what I’d like to change. It becomes clear very quickly that this would be a full body and mind re-boot. I couldn’t wait to get started and was keen to experience the Emerald Laser – a key apparatus in this new treatment.

This phenomenal piece of equipment is the only laser in the world that has been given FDA market clearance for overall body circumference reduction in patients with small pockets of fat – to individuals with a BMI up to 40. Unlike fat freezing, this machine can focus on the whole body, targeting fat cells without destroying them and causing them to release energy. The laser works as a natural alternative for fat loss by using low level lasers and electromagnetic energy transfer. That’s the science bit. But how does it actually feel?

I’m taken to the Go Figure! room inside the clinic by Sammy the aesthetician who will give me my trial on The Emerald. It’s interesting to hear that there is a handheld version called the EVRL too that can be used to treat over the head and the vagal nerve. This can help with mental clarity and reducing stress and anxiety. Something I think we all need at the moment!

Light Touch Clinic

If you go ahead with the full plan, you can be screened by a 360-degree camera, which will show off your results as the treatments continue. I took the option to be simply measured for my first go.

If you’ve ever experienced a fat freezing machine, you’ll know there can be some slight discomfort in the targeted area of the body. With the Emerald Laser there is simply no feeling. Like a magic green wand, it drifts almost silently across my stomach. I relax into the super comfy table, reassured that there will be zero recovery needed after my session. With there being so little feeling I’m pretty certain nothing has changed on my body.

I’m stunned to find I’ve lost an overall 3 inches around my waist within the short time I experienced The Emerald. I find my jeans are slightly baggy and I have to buckle my belt that bit tighter. Hurray! And all it took was 15 minutes of peaceful me time. Wins all round!

There’s no better time to get healthier – at any age. I believe this could be the perfect solution to get you in the right frame of mind to smash your body goals. Using an intelligent framework of tools to help you – straight from the professionals – plus a bit of help from machines that can do magic.

For more information on Go Figure! contact Dr. Natalie Greary at Light Touch Clinic 

Review by Saffron Bentley

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