Detox your system and harmonise your energy with these alternative treatments

It’s now been a few months since we made our new year’s resolutions and for most people life has got in the way. Now it is spring, and time for a new commitment. What better way to get off to a strong start than with a complementary therapy or treatment to detox your system and harmonise your energy. 



Do you have some stress in your body or neck that you can’t seem to shake? You might not know what causes it either, sometimes these stresses are caused by lifestyle habits we don’t fully recognise. If this sounds like your complaint, acupuncture could be the answer. 

Acupuncture is an ancient life science that developed in China. The belief is that there are energy centers and energy lines all over the body. These channels can get blocked and cause a range of conditions. Using needles the acupuncturist will help to free you up again. 


As humans evolved they began to stand upright. This is very unusual in the animal kingdom and is one of the things that sets us apart, the others are language and brain size. Although standing upright has many benefits it can also cause us back issues. 

The spinal column, also known as the backbone, takes a lot of strain in everyday life. It has to support your body mass and flex when required. Often this results in back trouble, especially as you get older. Treat yourself this summer with a chiropractic treatment.



As with other forms of alternative treatment, sound therapy operates on the premise that you have energy in your body that dissipates and causes tension and stress. However, you don’t have to believe this to gain the great benefits of sound therapy. 

You will lay on the therapist’s chair on your back or front. They will begin by ringing a bell. They will then proceed to play a range of bells at suitable frequencies. This will harmonise you energies and leave you feeling balanced. 


There are several types of energy therapy available these days. Perhaps the most well known is Reiki. Reiki originates in Japan and is thought to heal the body by hovering hands over different energy centres. Whether you believe it or not many people feel the benefits. 

When you go for rekindling treatment you will be asked to lay on a treatment table and close your eyes. These sessions usually take place in darkness or by candle light. The practitioner will move their hands inches over your body and harmonise your energy field. 



One of the oldest and most effective alternative treatments on the planet is ayurveda which originated around 3000 years ago in India. Ayurveda is a life science and ancient medical practice that uses natural ingredients and philosophy to create a beneficial lifestyle free from sickness. 

The best way to start with ayurveda is to visit a consultant who will ask about your physical and mental characteristics. They will then recommend some foods and practices that will be beneficial to your particular constitution and body type. 

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