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Lovingly launched in January 2021 – plant pizza pioneers, Veganizza will take the UK by storm with the launch of its dedicated plant lovin’ vegan pizzeria. Explore the artisan tastes that feature across Veganizza’s imaginative menu – a vegan pizza heaven, where health and happiness go hand in hand.  

Veganizza’s Bake at Home pizzas can be delivered anywhere in the UK on next day delivery. Fresh artisan sourdough pizzas that have been lovingly half-baked in Veganizza’s woodfired ovens and ready to be finished off in your oven at home. Eat the day it arrives or keep in the freezer for another time. Veganizza is also available in Glasgow, delivering hot pizzas on Deliveroo.

Veganizza is committed to the cause; with all its pizza toppings made from scratch, including a selection of distinctive vegan cheeses that are lovingly handmade in-house.

Available to order online, Veganizza will feature the finest artisan sourdough pizzas, graced with handcrafted plant-based alternatives, from the classic to the creative – and all cruelty-free – including vegan Gorgonzola, Pepperoni, N’duja and Tuscan Sausage. 

Veganizza will launch with a collection of eight straight-up, meat-free pizzas and a selection of indulgent sides, small plates and desserts. The homemade, meat-free pizzas begin their story with 48-hour proofed sourdough bases that are loaded with organic, locally sourced vegan ingredients.

The classic Margherita is coated with a signature San Marzano tomato and basil sauce, stacked with vegan buffalo mozzarella, balsamic heritage tomatoes and basil. Beetroot is not your average pizza topping, but it’s one you won’t regret, with pumpkin cream, balsamic chilli beetroot, plant-based goats’ cheese, rocket and sprinkled with toasted pumpkin seeds.

Another option for those who love artisan veggies loaded onto their pizza is the Blistered Red Pepper & Roast Aubergine, with garlic oil, roast aubergine, blistered red pepper, cashew basil pesto, rocket. The vegan Gorgonzola, Rioja Pear & Walnut, takes a classic salad combo but whacks it on a pizza, with e.v.v.o, gorgonzola, rioja pears, walnut plus balsamic glaze.

For those who like a delicious meat substitute try out Veganizza’s N’duja, which features creamy white sauce, buffalo mozzarella, vegan ‘nduja, stem broccoli and sun-dried tomatoes, or Sea Salt & Black Pepper Chicken, which is topped with white sauce, smoked mozzarella, sea salt and black pepper vegan chicken, garlic and rosemary potatoes.

Pepperoni is layered with San Marzano tomato and basil sauce, buffalo mozzarella, vegan ‘nduja pepperoni, basil and Truffle Mushroom & Tuscan Sausage features San Marzano tomato and basil sauce, buffalo mozzarella, vegan Tuscan sausage, truffle mushrooms, chilli flakes and rocket. Customise your pizzas with a selection of tantalising vegan dips, ranging from Blue Cheese Sauce, Garlic Ranch and Hot Sauce.

From the sides and small plates menu choose from a variety of nutritious salads including, Blue Cheese & Pear – rocket, vegan gorgonzola, pears, walnuts, broccolini or the Garden Bowl Salad – rocket, spinach and basil with cherry tomatoes and pesto. More indulgent options include Mac ‘N’ Cheese and dough balls of all kinds – ‘nduja to garlic with truffle aioli and triple cheese dough balls. Also, on the menu, sweet but spicy maple sriracha cauliflower wings and corn ribs rubbed in chilli salt and coconut.

If you’ve got a sweet tooth Veganizza has you covered; for a real sugar rush opt for the ice-cream cookie sandwich, or for those who prefer a richer dessert, the custard dough balls are creamy goodness wrapped in their signature dough and dipped in cinnamon sugar for extra deliciousness.

Enjoy fine artisan vegan pizza ANY time, ANY where in the UK. It’s never been easier to enjoy a vegan lifestyle, that’s delicious and nutritious. Join the plant pizza pioneers at @veganizzauk and Facebook/veganizza

H&N Review

It is only fair to start by saying – we are not vegan! Which made it all the more interesting to try a vegan pizza. We were convinced it would be lacking in substance and flavour – how wrong were we!

The pizza arrived safe and sound and looked like any other good sourdough pizza, nothing sinister to look at, good start. This was a Veganizza’s N’duja  (see description in editorial), accompanied by Blue Cheese Sauce and Garlic Ranch dips. We cooked it in our OONI Pizza Oven as we do with all other pizzas.

It cooked perfectly, smelt delicious and the taste! The flavour was outstanding and shared between two of us, we were surprised how filling it was. This pizza tasted better than any other purchased pizza we have tried so far and the fact that it was vegan, totally messed with our heads, how could it taste so good?

All we know is that it did and we will be eating a lot more Veganizza Pizzas! You need to try them and let us know what you think.

Bon appetit!

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