Smooth, complex and sustainable… Mermaid Gin makes a big splash

From the Isle of Wight’s only distillery, Mermaid Gin was created by long-time friends Xavier Baker (a brewer) and Conrad Gauntlett (a winemaker).

It is a hand-crafted small batch gin distilled using ten ethically-sourced botanicals. A smooth yet complex blend, Mermaid features the freshness of organic lemon zest, the peppery notes in grains of paradise and a hint of sea air from fragrant rock samphire (foraged from the Isle of Wight’s cliffs – and known locally as “Mermaid’s Kiss”, hence the gin’s name).  It also uses Boadicea Hops grown in Ventnor’s botanical garden. 

The gin is presented in a highly tactile bottle with sculpted scales that reflect and refract light. The scales swirl downwards around the bottle to resemble the tail of the eponymous mythical sea creature, while the colours mimic the gin-clear blues of the Mediterranean, down to the deep greens of Mid-Atlantic rollers.

Crucially, the bottle is plastic-free and 100% recyclable – featuring an all-natural cork with a wooden top and a unique, plant-based and biodegradable seal. The distillery has also demanded all its suppliers accept new sustainability challenges – such as stopping the use of bubble wrap and sourcing alternatives at every stage of the production and distribution process.

Mermaid Gin is available now from Harvey Nichols and Master of Malt or direct from the Isle of Wight Distillery.


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