Kinahan’s Irish Whiskey: Quench your thirst with the Red Zone cocktail

Dubbed ‘’the pioneer of Irish Whiskey’’, Kinahan’s know a thing or two about premium spirits and have been producing their celebrated whiskey since 1779. To make your lockdown chill out time a little brighter, they’ve concocted the fruity Red Zone cocktail.

The purpose of this moreish creation was to produce a drink that’s high in vitamin intake, based on readily available ingredients and easy to recreate at home.

Here’s how it’s done:


50ml Kinahan’s Kasc Project

1 Orange wedge

1 Lemon wedge

1 Chunk of pineapple (about ¼ of a pineapple wheel)

1tsp Caster sugar (optional)

Topped with Ginger ale

Cut the fruit in half and put in a highball glass, pour over the whiskey and mix it. Add ice and top with ginger ale.

Stir to mix all the flavours together and garnish with fresh mint. Serve and enjoy!

Kinahan’s Irish Whiskey can be purchased online here.



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