It’s time for a Halloween Feast with Iceland

You’re either a massive fan of the ghostly month or you’re about to be, because Iceland has outdone their previous Halloween’s with a never-ending choice of spooktacular treats for 2020

Halloween is going to be very different is year! Many of us won’t be going door to door to trick or treat because of lockdown restrictions. There is a great alternative though as you can treat yourself to a ghoulish array of foodie home comforts from Iceland.

Halloween Feast

Let’s talk about roulette wheels of heat, white chocolate brains, smashing golden skulls, and spiders web cheesecakes shall we?

Iceland’s seriously hot Jalapeno Roulette Wheel (£3.00) contains 12 spicy cheese bites, however three are packed with more heat than the others for the hottest family party game around – a great chance if you are a spice fan to test if you can actually handle the heat!

If you’re not a fan of spices you can still join in eating the fun stuff with Iceland’s Scarily Sweet Spidersweb Cheesecake (£4.00, 1.1kg), Cosmic Cones (£1.75, 4pk) frighteningly good Belgian Chocolate Smashing Gold Skull (£8.00) and Scarily Sweet White Chocolate Brain (£8.00).

Halloween Feast

There’s even three for £5.00 on Halloween party food including: Iceland 10 Tempura Prawns (£2.00), Iceland 22 Chicken Tikka Bites (£2.00, Iceland 8 Sticky Skewers (£2.00), Iceland Mini Quiches (£2.00), Iceland 8 Mini Steaks and Cheese Kofta (£2.00), Iceland Party Deep Dish Cheese Pizzas (£2.00), Iceland 12 Mini Vanilla Cheesecakes (£2.00), Iceland Fish & Chip Cones (£2.00), Iceland Duck Toast (£2.00), and Iceland Mini Hot Dogs (£2.00).

You can even decorate your home, or should we say your haunted house with accessories from Iceland, which start from just £1.00. These include: Pumpkin Bucket (£1.00), Deluxe Pumpkin Carve Kit (£4.00), Glow In the Dark Accessories (£1.00), Halloween 10pk Led Lights (£1.00), Halloween 1uni Decorative Bowl (£1.00), Head Boppers Bat (£1.50), Head Boppers Pumpkin (£1.50) and a Halloween Plush Basket (£3.00).

All spooktastically available from www.iceland.co.uk

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