Pour yourself a glass and wine down with fascinating guests from the world of music, film, expeditions, and food! Relax as Villa Maria brings season 2 of the Wine Down with Villa Maria podcast straight to your speakers.

With the Christmas break just around the corner, we’re all looking forward to a bit of time off. Why not use it to listen to some fascinating stories from an intrepid mountaineer, an award winning chef, MOBO founder and a talent agent to the stars?

Villa Maria Wines Podcasts – Although it’s hard to remember a time before 2020, last year the UK’s favourite New Zealand wine brand, Villa Maria, launched their Wine Down With Villa Maria podcast series, inviting special guests to talk about what makes a great conversation. This year, Wine Down With Villa Maria is back, with all-new podcast episodes featuring an array of fascinating guests.

Music industry legend Kanya King CBE will be amongst those chatting with Villa Maria ambassador Natalie Walsh, giving her the inside scoop on the long-awaited return of this year’s MOBO Awards and the music moments that have made history.

You can also hear how one of Manchester’s top chefs, Doug Crampton, inspired a legion of new home-cooks with his online live cooking events. Alternatively, if you’re missing the chance to get outdoors and explore, intrepid adventurer Simon Yates is delving into some of his most perilous treks around the world, and if you can’t get enough of Netflix, film agent Laurily Adams will provide a sneak peek behind-the-scenes of some of the biggest productions on our screens.

From promotions, proposals or just curling up on the sofa after a long day, Villa Maria is delving deeper into what exactly makes a ‘moment’. With so many celebrations and occasions best enjoyed when toasted with a glass of Villa Maria, our guests will be revealing the defining moments in their lives.

All episodes available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and PodBean.

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