Five Top Tips You Should Remember When Choosing a Food or Beverage Supplier

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We make a lot of business decisions when you have your enterprise, but if you’re a food and beverage producer or are running a café or restaurant or another establishment, you have one singular decision to make as well: choosing your food or beverage suppliers.

There are plenty out there for sure, but you have to know which one can work well with your requirements and meet your expectations in regard to quality, scheduling, cost, and more. You have to make a good decision that will benefit you in the long term, so here are the top aspects you should remember when choosing a food or beverage supplier.

1. The pricing and terms of payment

The quality of the food or drink you get is already a given, but the pricing and terms of payment matter as well. You don’t want to choose a food or beverage supplier that offers items that are too expensive, nor do you want to scrimp on quality. If you have already found some prospective suppliers, get a price list from each so you can compare their prices. But along with their prices, try to gauge their conditions for the agreement. Your goal is to have an outcome that will ultimately profit your business. Don’t be afraid to negotiate, either – especially if you are planning to get a lot of items in bulk. 

2. The schedule of delivery

Another aspect you should remember when it comes to choosing the best food and drink supplier is the schedule of delivery. Take a close look at your inventory so you can determine when you need certain items the most. Will your chosen supplier be able to deliver those items at the time you need them? Delivery delays can happen, of course, but it’s best to avoid these by determining the proper delivery schedule from the beginning and informing your potential supplier of your requirements.

When ascertaining the schedule of delivery, you should also ask your prospective supplier about their delivery process and transport and the number of other customers they serve at that same time. The schedule of delivery should be clearly stated in the contract and if they breach the agreed-upon delivery schedule, there should be terms for this as well.

3. Do your research

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Once you have your potential suppliers, it would be wise to do more research on your end. Ask them for references and check out reviews about their service online. The more established the supplier is, the better because this shows that they will have the cash on hand to supply you with the goods you need when necessary.

4. Check the quality

The quality of the ingredients you get is paramount, and you need to check this as well. If you are on the lookout for good organic juice concentrate suppliers like EE & Brian Smith, ask the supplier for a sample. Respectable fruit juice concentrate suppliers will be more than willing to send you some samples so you can try them for yourself before you make your decision.

When you have chosen your supplier and they have given you a copy of the agreement, go through it as carefully as possible and make sure that all the details are covered, including the price, the number of products/items, the payment terms, and the delivery schedule.

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