Fine dining at home – a luxury Chinese experience

There are many recipe boxes around at the moment and it has to be said of all the ones we have tried have been good or great! However, the one we had from Tattu was on a whole other level and here’s why.

When you order your Tattu By You cook at home box, your experience starts with the box itself, because as soon as you open it a beautifully designed printed menu and instruction brochure greets you, set on top of the boxes of ingredients and everything has the Tattu name and logo – beautiful presentation at every step. We were careful not to spill on the brochure as it makes a great memento to remind you of the experience.

We had the Tattu by the Sea menu which comprised of Lobster and Prawn Toast with sesame, sweet and sour chilli sauce, Shanghai Black Cod with hoisin, ginger and pickled daikon salad, Special Fried Sweet Potato, black vinegar glaze, spring onion and ichimi pepper and, Asian Pear Sticky Toffee Pudding with butterscotch caramel, cinnamon and almond.

We were drooling just reading the menu.

Yes, we know how delicious this sounds, we also know the standard of food at Tattu. We looked at each other thinking, “Can we really do this?”

There was no need for nerves, the food came well packed and prepared and even better organised and the instructions were so easy to follow that we were high fiving every two minutes!

Tattu by You

We started of course with the Lobster and Prawn Toast, which were sublime balls of deliciousness, packed with juicy, fresh lobster, each mouthful bringing an appreciative “Mmmmmm” and especially fabulous when dripping with the dipping sauce and matched with a glass of our favourite chilled, crisp white wine. Utter perfection!

We had now relaxed into it and considered ourselves to be of ‘chef standard’ as everything was going so well, looked amazing on the plate and tasted unbelievable. This was going to be a night to remember.

Tattu by You

The main course of Shanghai Black Cod had to be tasted to really appreciate how fantastic this dish is and the fact that we had cooked it ourselves to this standard made it even better. Every mouthful of the firm cod with the beautiful, fresh salad and the Special Fried Sweet Potato was a taste sensation. Cod is probably our favourite fish and the standard of this surpassed any we have had before.

Which brings me to the fabulous Asian Pear Sticky Toffee Pudding!

Tattu by You

Everyone loves sticky toffee pudding, well everyone I know does. But this was something else. The pudding was light as a feather yet packed with familiar flavours, plus the amazingly sweet pear and butterscotch sauce.

That was so easy.

We could not believe just how easy and still how delicious and typically ‘Tattu’ everything looked and tasted. The ambience was also spot on as you can listen to the exotic sounds of Tattu while you dine – brilliant!

Only one thing would have been better and that was to be actually sat in Tattu eating this superb meal. But we hope they continue to provide this fantastic service once everything is back to normal as we would happily purchase this to impress friends for a dinner party.

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