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Friday 4th December saw the launch of Ceru’s ‘Cook at Home Range’, a new nationwide delivery service inspired by the flavours of the Eastern Mediterranean region. The delivery service transports food lovers to a warmer climate with cuisine from the sun-soaked shores of Cyprus, to the bountiful lands of Lebanon.

The ‘Cook at Home Range’ focuses on offering an eco-friendly approach to at home deliveries, using recyclable bioplastics and reusable packing throughout. Whether looking for a special family feast, or you are a seasoned cook wanting to try their hand at Levantine cuisine, this new service offers it all.  

Ceru – Cook at Home range – Following the heritage of Levantine cooking, from Israel to Cyprus and Jordan, Ceru’s new Cook at Home Range brings the story of travel and culture from the Mediterranean region straight to your kitchen. The new delivery service will offer four unique DIY kits, including chicken shish, lamb shoulder, beef fillet and a vegan feast. All meal kits arrive wrapped in a stylish silk cloth, inspired by the beautiful geometric tiles of the Levant and other distinctive Middle Eastern motifs.  

Ceru - Cook at Home range

The range has been designed to be prepared and, on the table, in under half an hour and will include easy-to-follow recipe cards and instructions alongside video tutorials for those who would like a helping hand from the Ceru kitchen. Where possible, the new Cook at Home Range has been designed with the environment in mind, focusing on serving local and sustainably sourced produce. All packaging is made with 100% recyclable bioplastic and wrapped in a beautiful slick cloth for customers to reuse as a tablecloth, fashion accessory of gift. 

Let’s look at the ‘Cook at Home’ with Ceru options:  

Chicken Shish Menu

Chicken Taouk Shish, marinated in spices, yoghurt, lemon juice and garlic, accompanied by polenta fries, roasted cauliflower with fresh mint, pomegranate seeds, crushed walnuts and spring onions. Hamarra yoghurt dip and Greek Pita or seasonal crudites and a homemade Baklava to finish.   (£40 for two persons)     

Lamb Menu

Slow Roasted Lamb Shoulder, with Shawarma spices, a pomegranate sauce and fresh mint and pistachio, accompanied by zucchini and feta fritters, spice roasted potatoes, houmous dip served with Greek pita or seasonal crudites and a homemade Baklava to finish. (£50 for two persons) 

Beef Fillet Menu

Beef Fillet Menu, with a Zhug Salsa and Crushed Hazelnuts, accompanied by crispy roast potatoes, tenderstem broccoli, Houmous dip served with Greek pita or seasonal Crudites and a homemade Baklava to finish.  (£60 for two persons) 

Ceru - Cook at Home range

Vegan Menu

Vegan selection, with a crisp apple, mint and pomegranate salad and Orez rice, accompanied by spiced cauliflower with fresh mint, pomegranate seeds, crushed walnuts and spring onions, grilled tenderstem broccoli with a tahini dressing and toasted almonds. Alongside homemade Houmous and Hamarra yoghurt dips and freshly made Greek Pita bread. (£40 for two persons) 

All cook at home kits allow for a seamless home-cooking experience, perfect for all cooking abilities. Customers can pre-order from Ceru’s Cook at Home online shop and there are two weekly delivery slots: bookings made by 5pm on Sundays will arrive for delivery on Wednesdays and all bookings made by Tuesdays 5pm will arrive on Friday. Delivery will be available nationwide for a flat charge of £3.50.  

For more information and details on menu options, please visit: https://www.cerurestaurants.com/cook-at-home       


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