Depth Charge Spiced Rum Packs a Powerful Flavour

The tide is changing, and the rum scene is long overdue a shakeup – introducing Depth Charge!

Depth Charge Spiced Rum packs a big, powerful profile, having been made with a fantastic base of Caribbean rum, a selection of tasty spices and generous helpings of lime and mandarin at its core.

The name comes from an ancient seafaring tale, where there was once a formidable sailor who encountered a fierce, mythological sea monster which defeated him comprehensively! But then something appeared to challenge the monster – it was Depth Charge!

It’s a great story and you can enjoy your own Depth Charge served simply over ice with a good wedge of lime. It should pair brilliantly with all those classic rum mixers we all know and love! Depth Charges’ unique and powerful flavour profile is finished off with lashings of lime and mandarin.

Taking advantage of the increasing demand for spiced rum (sales up 35% between 2019-2020), Depth Charge is “Exploding with Flavour” – taking on the traditional spiced rum profile and dialling up the intensity.


spiced rum

Caribbean rum, 7 distinct spices including Black Pepper and Star Anise, topped off with a hearty helping of lime and mandarin. 


Perfect on the rocks or simply with a mixer, Depth Charge blows any serve out the water. Just make sure you have lots of ice and a good wedge of lime.

To really elevate the flavours, try Depth Charge in a Spiced Rum Old Fashioned for a real flavour explosion.

Nose: Brown sugar, rich honey, old fashioned cola and a big burst of fresh citrus brightness, underpinned by baking spice warmth.

Palate: Cinnamon and vibrant lime sit up front, bolstered by further flashes of orange, peppercorn, cola cubes and allspice. Runny caramel and just a touch of apple sit in the background.

Finish: Sweet vanilla and a final citrusy splash.

Overall: A particularly booming spiced rum, this.

ABV: 40%

Volume: 70 cl 

Price – RRP £23.95

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