All additive free, raw, vegan and teeming with good bacteria

Commit to a Healthy Gut in 2021 with an ‘Eaten Alive’ Fermented Food Subscription 

Eaten Alive – the award-winning fermented foods producer launched by two former Michelin starred chefs, is launching its first subscription service. A mouth-watering line-up of kimchi, krauts, hot sauces, and fermented ingredients will be delivered bi-monthly – perfect for those looking to boost their gut health and immunity in 2021.

All additive free, raw, vegan and teeming with good bacteria, the Eaten Alive range is a delicious option for those who want to eat their way to a healthy gut and support their immune system – upwards of 70% of the body’s immune system found in the gut.

Every other month subscribers will receive a selection of Eaten Alive’s deliciously addictive range including five jars of kimchi and kraut, a hot sauce and one of the new fermented ingredients – available across the UK for £35 per month. The box will also feature recipe suggestions, tips on eating fermented foods and promoting a healthy gut.

Healthy Gut

Eaten Alive recently launched three new fermented hot sauces (Lime and Jalapeno Sauce, Kimchi Hot Sauce and Extra Spicy Scotch Bonnet Sauce), plus added a selection of its renowned fermented ingredients and pickles to its range – usually only available for chefs to use in restaurants, they are now available for home-cooks to buy direct. Featuring Brined Purple Carrots, Preserved Lemon with Yuzu and Fermented Jerk Paste, the range takes home-cooking to the next level – just adding a small amount of these flavour-packed ingredients to dishes delivers more depth and layers of addictive umami, ideal for livening up everything from stews to tagines, toasties and soup.

The Eaten Alive hot sauces and kimchi are lacto-fermented for up to six months to allow the complex, addictive flavours to develop. As well as preserving and creating an amazing taste, the fermentation process brings a wealth of health benefits – it improves the bioavailability of many vitamins and nutrients by producing foods the body finds easier to digest. Having a healthy gut is thought to boost immunity, improve mental wellbeing as well as help manage IBS and eczema.

Pat Bingley, Managing Director, comments, “We started Eaten Alive because we wanted people to eat not only the most deliciously addictive hot sauces and kimchi, but also to enjoy the benefits that fermented foods can bring to our health. The new subscription service is a delicious way to ensure you support your gut health. We don’t pasteurize or heat – we ferment naturally, which means they are teeming with good bacteria – the perfect ingredients for supporting a healthy and happy gut.”

Healthy Gut

The creation of two chefs who, following over 20 years combined experience in some of the UK’s top restaurants (The Ledbury, L’Enclume, Fera) decided to launch Eaten Alive after bonding over a shared passion for fermentation, flavour and a growing interest in the link between live cultures and health.

Lacto-fermentation is the preservation of produce with lactobacillus bacteria and salt, a process that has given the world many much-loved traditional foods such as cheese, chocolate, sauerkraut, kimchi and pickles. Studies suggest that a healthy gut can be linked to a reduced risk of allergies, illness and obesity.

Kimchi is a high-fibre, low-calorie powerhouse of micronutrients, including iron, calcium, selenium, vitamins A, B1, B2 and C, phytonutrients such as capsaicin, chlorophyl, carotenoids, flavonoids and isothiocyanates – and it’s teeming with good lactobacillus bacteria. The Eaten Alive kimchi contains seven different vegetables prepared fresh from the best growers. The Hot Sauces have various chillies as well as sweet peppers, onions, garlic, lemons and more.

Pat continues, “Kimchi and krauts are nutritional powerhouses; since eating more fermented foods I’ve seen big improvements in my own day-to-day health – fewer colds and no more heartburn being just two.”

The Eaten Alive subscription is available from (delivery across the UK) for £35 per month (including delivery). The wider range is available from Whole Foods, Planet Organic, various independent Deli’s, and

Eaten Alive

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