Which dog would suit your lifestyle?

When you’re getting a new dog, you may find yourself pouring over pictures of cute puppies or older dogs you could adopt. This is an exciting time and one in which you will likely fall in love with many different kinds of dogs. But choosing the right dog can also have a lot to do with your lifestyle. Not every breed may be the right choice.

Which dog should you get for each different lifestyle?

Some dog breeds enjoy being very active and like to run. Breeds such as Huskies and Labradors need to have enough space available to be healthy and happy. Smaller dogs with shorter legs, such as the Chihuahua, don’t need to run as much.

Will your dog join you in a snuggle on the sofa?

If you love to snuggle with pets and are someone who prefers to stay home rather than go hiking or enjoys other kinds of outdoor activities, some dogs may be better suitable than others. Smaller breeds such as the Bichon Frise and larger dogs such as the Golden Retriever are known for being affectionate and are great to cuddle with.

In a survey done by National Accident Helpline the Labrador and Retriever are named as “the most sought-after pets in the country”.

How much do pets calm their owners down?

The study asked 2,000 people in Britain how much their pets are able to reduce their stress levels in difficult circumstances. Some people suggested that while they find comfort in having their pets around during stressful situations, they can also be distracting when things around the house need to get done.

“87% of pet-owner respondents agreeing that their pet helps them destress during difficult moments. Only 2% of those surveyed stated their pets were not a calming influence during stressful moments”, the NAHL survey data revealed.

Especially, if repairs are carried out in the home, dogs and cats should be kept out of the way, in order to avoid injuries. Certain tasks require a lot of focus and should be done without distractions.

Before going ahead and choosing a dog, ask yourself some important questions:

How does getting a dog benefit your life? How do you make sure you’re ready for the responsibility? Sometimes, a living situation may just not be suitable to keep a dog. If you live in a small flat or don’t have a garden or park nearby to keep your pet active, it might not be the right situation for a pet to feel comfortable. Choosing a pet to suit your lifestyle can make things a lot easier in the long run for both you and your dog.

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