Making Sure Your Dog is Comfortable When You Go To Work

Leaving your furry companion at home while you head off to work can be a difficult experience for both you and your pup. However, with some thoughtful planning and adjustments, you can design a stress-free environment for your pet while you’re away. Doing so ensures they are perfectly happy on their own until you’re back.

To help you out, we’ve come up with our top tips to make sure your dog is comfortable during work hours, easing your worries – and theirs!

Create a safe and comfortable area

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Creating a comfortable and cosy area in the home for your dog to relax in while you’re away is key to reducing their stress and anxiety. This should include a dog crate and bedding, their favourite toys, and lots of fresh water, all of which should be placed in an area free from hazards.

Creating this space isn’t just beneficial for your dog but also for your home. Because it can help to prevent boredom, you’ll find that your dog is less likely to show destructive behaviour and ruin your furniture.

Exercise before you go

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If your pup is often restless during the day while you’re at work, consider taking them out for a high-energy exercise or long walk before you head off. Even if this means getting up an hour earlier each day, commit to devoting a good amount of time to a run or something similar in combination with their daily walk. This increases the likelihood of your dog spending the day relaxing or sleeping.

It’s also important to make sure they go to the toilet before you go to work and that they have access to an area they can use while you’re away. If your dog is able to go outside when they want, you won’t have this problem. However, if they are to be kept inside, you’ll need an indoor potty. Alternatively, you could use a strip of artificial turf or some puppy pads.

If you are tired of smelly wee pads that leave a mess or your dog doesn’t like to go out in stormy weather, real grass pads are an excellent solution. You can find these at

Provide them with entertainment

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Keeping your dog busy while you’re out of the house can prevent them from destroying your belongings and can improve their overall wellbeing. Mental stimulation is particularly important for puppies so that they become intelligent and secure adult dogs.

Ensure that your dog is left with sufficient treats and puzzles that match their temperament. For example, some dogs love to forage and so will use their nose to find hidden treats. Others use their paws to solve puzzles and find their favourite hidden snacks.

You could even think of investing in an automated toy that is suitable for dogs. This allows your pup to play as much as they want without needing your interaction. If your dog love playing fetch, a ball-throwing machine can provide hours of fun. Similarly, if they are big on chasing things, a wobble ball is ideal.

Have someone else look after them

If your dog doesn’t like being left on their own or you feel concerned for the safety of your home, it might be best to check them into a doggie daycare for the days you’re at work. This gives you peace of mind knowing they are being cared for by trained professionals and getting the chance to socialise with other animals during the day.

Alternatively, you could hire a dog walker to make sure they get the exercise they need. It’ll also give them a much-needed break from staying at home, tiring them out for when you’re back.

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