Ideas for Memorable Dates at Christmas Time

Christmas is a time of year like no other. Without it, winter would be extremely dreary. If you’re planning to ignite a spark in your romantic life, then it might be that a little bit of festive cheer is just the kindling required.

Fortunately, Christmas-related memorable dates come in many different forms. Let’s see if we can discover the one that matches your personal preferences.

Going out

If you’re going to go out, then you’ll want to take a look at some of the Christmas goings-on in your vicinity.

Go to markets

memorable dates at Christmas

The German-style Christmas market has become an almost indispensable pillar of life at Christmas. You can combine a visit to any given town or city with a stroll around its Christmas market. You might even be surprised at how different one is from the last.

As well as providing you with a supply of great music, food and drink, markets like this also give you a chance to pick up a few stocking fillers.

Ice skating

memorable dates at Christmas

Cities around the UK, at this time of year, tend to put up an outdoor ice rink so that revellers can enjoy themselves with a little high-octane action. You don’t have to be an expert skater, or even a competent one, to enjoy yourself, here. And, even if you don’t have access to an outdoor ice rink, you might look for an indoor one, instead.

Go tree picking

memorable dates at Christmas

There are several great reasons to shop for a real tree over an artificial one. You’ll get plenty of extra character in your front room, and the smell of pine needles spreading throughout the home. Perhaps best of all, for our purposes, we also get to spend time looking through the trees and picking one out. Making the decision can provide a welcome sense of ritual at this time of year. You’ll get the sense that you’re collaborating in something meaningful, because, if you take Christmas seriously, you will be!

Attend a switch-on

memorable dates at Christmas

Part of the build-up to Christmas are the various lights-on events that take place in towns and cities across the country. You can spend a day out with a big crowd, soak in the positive vibes, and catch a glimpse of a minor celebrity.

Staying in

So, what if you don’t want to head outside?


Cohabiting couples can easily spend a day or longer trying to make their homes look that little bit more festive. It’s a great way to bond and make new memories. If you have an artistic streak, you might even devote some time to crafting your own decorations. Don’t forget to dress up the outside of your home: the right outdoor Christmas lights can make a huge difference.


memorable dates at Christmas

Christmas time wouldn’t be the same without the right foods, and if you’re going to make the food yourself, you’ll get that much more out of it creating one of many memorable dates. There are a few recipes that involve a bit of extra work, but that you can collaborate on. Put in the work in the kitchen, have fun, and you’ll make memories that will last for several Christmases to come.

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