How to Celebrate Relationship Milestones with Style

How to Celebrate Relationship Milestones with Style – Relationship markers signal new paths in your lives as a couple. They allow us to take stock of where we are and what matters to us, to reflect on our relationship and celebrate how we have been shaped by it as we go forward. These are significant occasions that bring you closer strengthening the foundation of your relationship. For this reason, celebrating relationship milestones should be done with style. Here are a few ideas.


There are many relationship milestones that you can celebrate with personalised gifts to each other. Getting engaged is traditionally marked with the gift of a ring as a symbol of your love interest becoming a solid relationship and “the one”. This stepping-stone to many more significant milestones in your life, particularly your anniversaries, when you celebrate the year past and plan your future together.

If you are struggling for stylish gift ideas, use the list of anniversary gifts by year which provides a list of traditional and modern gift ideas and materials. For example, the traditional 25th anniversary gift is silver, but do not feel restricted to buying jewellery since an unusual silver wedding present idea would be to have your wedding vows written in calligraphy and framed, or a piece of home décor that can act as a centrepiece for every romantic dinner for two or dinner party at home.

A meal for two

Celebrating a relationship milestone in style means breaking from your usual routines.  Go out for a meal at a fine restaurant or afternoon tea at a high star hotel. Whilst it would be wonderful to find a hotel in the Lake District or a table at a fine dining establishment, the venue is not as important as the fact that you are spending time together. Have friends or family take care of your children so you have a couple of hours to yourself. Commit to having a relaxed evening without talk of children, challenges at work, finances or other concerns of daily living.

Dinner party

Our relationships do not occur in vacuums, and one of the milestones when dating is meeting with your partner’s friends and family in the hope they appreciate your partner as much as you do. It is special to acknowledge the importance of these people in your celebration of milestones. If you want to host a dinner party at home but do not want to spend too much time in the kitchen, worrying about if you have the correct wine pairing and d dread the mountain of dishes to clean afterwards, consider booking a chef to take care of all the catering so that you can do what you do best, relax with those you love with the sure knowledge that the food will be restaurant quality and the kitchen will be spotless at the end of the evening.

Experiences you will never forget

Whilst every anniversary should include a gift, celebrations can continue into your next year together.  A subscription to a magazine on a topic that interests you both, or a subscription to a delivery service that ensures that each fortnight, month or quarter you receive flowers, a dozen bottles of craft beer or a crate of wine.

This can also be a great time to reignite old interests, to see your favourite team play at their home ground, watch your favourite band play or take up an evening class together, whether you learn astrophysics or salsa dancing together, you are creating time just for the two of you.  

Charitable giving

Whether on the occasion of your marriage or for a milestone anniversary, friends and family are likely to want to celebrate with a gift. However, more and more people are wanting to share your good fortune with those less fortunate. If there is a cause that you are both passionate about, ask for donations to that cause. Celebrate your day by inviting family and friends to join you to help at an animal rescue centre for a few hours or help redecorate the venue of a local charity. Such gifts in your joint names is a special way to share the love you have together.


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