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Are you a dairy keeper, a post-it-note fan, a story writer, or a journal keeper? If you answered yes, then this feature has got your name all over it.

Words by Rachel McAlley

The clear thing to come out of the past year is that we are all more aware of our wellbeing and the wellbeing of the environment. The issues around the world in 2020 and into 2021 made us stop in our tracks and think about what is important in life.

Wellness and sustainability are both huge parts of this new world that we are dipping our toes in to. We have listened and have taken notice.

Planting a tree, herb, flower or vegetable is the perfect way to give something back to the environment. Moreover if you’re looking to incorporate sustainability into your daily routine there’s always the use of a pencil and then planting it once used!


Sprout Pencils, £10.95 from Amazon

Wellness Journals

The world’s first and only patented plantable pencil that blooms into vegetables, flowers and herbs when you’ve finished using it.

Instead of throwing it out when it becomes too small to write with, just plant the stub into soil, and water – the capsule dissolves and releases seeds that sprout into everything from cherry tomato plants, sage and basil, to daisies and sunflowers.

It’s a great way of showcasing sustainability and encourages people to think about recycling and the environment. 100% natural made from sustainably harvested cedar wood, graphite and clay. Non-toxic and plant-based seed capsules, so they’re perfectly safe if you accidently chew on them. In addition, they are plastic-free, lead-free, 100% biodegradable and will decompose safely.


Our own wellbeing and wellness are at the forefront of our minds at the moment. Furthermore one of the ways in which to clear your mind of toxic information is to write things down. Having a journal to set goals, write plans, formulate ideas, dump thoughts, and note your daily activities is a great way to help your own wellbeing.

The Head Plan Journal, priced at around £30, from The Head Plan

Wellness Journals

This journal offers a guided journaling experience that both avid journal users and those that are new to journaling will really enjoy. Containing over 280 pages, six months of daily pages, 26 weekly goal setting and reflection pages and much more to keep you inspired, motivated, focused and driven to stay on track of your own personal Head Plan to get to where you truly belong. Again, this journal is undated so you can begin anytime! This is a goal achievers perfect companion that draws focus on goal achieving in six different areas of your life.

The Positive Day Planner, £10 – £15, from The Positive Day Planner

Wellness Journals

The Positive Day Planner is a 21-day gratitude-practicing, affirmation affirming, self-commitment measuring, and mind-dumping essential, that helps you create a more positive habit, one day at a time. Available in 5 different styles, additionally including a limited edition Breast Cancer Awareness Month Planner, where 40% of profits go to Breast Cancer Charities.

Storigraphic Bullet Journal from the Bloom Collection, £12, from Storigraphic

Wellness Journals

A newer revolutionary way of organising your life, the bullet journal helps you coordinate all your to-do lists, ideas, events, reminders and daily planning all into one streamlined book system. The Bloom A5 journal comes with a 300gsm outer cover that is bound together with 76 pages of dot, grid, lined and plain page layouts.

Goal Setting Journal

Mål Paper Daily Goal Setter Planner, £21.95, from Mål Paper

Wellness Journals

Available in tan, grey and black the Daily Goal Setter Planner and has been designed to help identify your goals and structure your days. Containing 274 undated pages, this planner will help you stay on track and remain productive for up to 6 months. Unlike many other journals this is suitable for both him and her. Furthermore it also comes with a year to view grid, 2 ribbon dividers, elastic fastening and a document holder.

Meditation Journal

Aysha Bell Wellness, Make Yourself A Priority Journal & Pen Set, £23, from Aysha Bell Wellness

Wellness Journals

Often after meditation you are left with thoughts, images, and ideas – the Make Yourself A Priority Journal is to jot them all down. You will receive a wooden affirmation memory card with two downloadable meditations, one yoga nidra, and one non-wooden affirmation card with your journal and pen. In addition the Aysha Bell Wellness journal is soft to the touch and comes in black.

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