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Are you looking for the best mobile for your tween?

Words by Rachel McAlley

The only piece of tech that your youngster will want in their tween years is an uber cool mobile phone. No ifs, no buts, just the best mobile to take back to school after the summer hols.

You are currently looking around for an exceptionally well-priced, super hardwearing, easy to use mobile for your child. You also require that they call, text, video, private message, and contact you via any means necessary from their phone on a regular basis.

You’re in the mindset that they will download books, check homework online, revise virtually, research new subjects, and generally better themselves with their mobile.

They however, want a top of the range, super-fandangled, amazingly extraordinary mobile phone. A pre-requisite is that it must be perfect for selfies, chatting to mates, gaming, listening to tunes, and hanging out on socials. They are in the mindset of Insta, TikTok, WhatsApp, group chats, YouTube tutorials, and nighttime Netflix.

Is there a mobile out there that offers what you’re both looking for? We think we’ve found exactly what you need.

Alcatel 1S (2020)

The Alcatel 1S (2020) is all of the above and more. Firstly, it boasts premium features without a large price tag. Secondly, the Alcatel 1S has a large 6.22 inch screen, fast processor, 32 GB storage, plus high end triple cameras for the perfect selfie. And, thirdly this mobile offers Google Assistant built in, which is perfect for your child’s first smartphone. Not to mention that the Alcatel 1S is sleek, stylish and comfortable in the hand.

So, are you looking for something a little different that offers all the technology you would expect from a high-end smartphone? If the answer is yes, the Alcatel 1S (2020) may be the perfect mobile phone for your tween.

Priced at just £99.99 from Carphone Warehouse. Visit Carphone Warehouse to find out more about the Alcatel 1S (2020).


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