Switch your Scent in Summer

There’s science behind why you need to switch your scent in summer. Did you know ‘summer scents’ work with our skin and bodies in a slightly different way than fragrances we wear in the winter?

Switch your Scent in Summer – Here’s advice for freshening up fragrances this summer, with product suggestions from Perfume Direct.  (And the science behind buying a fresh new fragrance is a great way to justify a new bottle of perfume!). 

Jonny Webber from www.perfumedirect.com says, “There are some very good reasons to wear a different perfume in the warmer, summer months. “Summer scents are designed to work in a different way with our bodies. This is why perfumes being promoted for summer use tend to be fruity, lighter and ‘less volatile’, which means they can last longer and aren’t as overwhelming as a perfume more associated with winter. “Perfume works with heat. It’s made up of aromatic molecules in a neutral medium. Once on the skin the liquid begins to evaporate and the molecules leave your skin, giving off a smell. “Perfumers measure the volatility of the molecules to control the nature and evolution of the scent. Different notes in a perfume are combined to hit the air at different times, hence top notes, middle and base notes in perfume descriptions.

“Lighter weight molecules, such as those present in citrus, pepper, herbs and fruity notes come out first, while the least volatile (and generally heavier notes) will linger on skin longer. These tend to be amber, woody and musky notes.  “In warm weather, perfumes will evaporate quicker on the skin and in the air. So, citrus and crisp green scents are perfect in the heat, as are florals. White flowers in particular – jasmine, tuberose, frangipani – are known to “bloom” in hot weather.

Switch your Scent in Summer – “Perfumes associated with the winter season tend to be heavier and last longer because the body doesn’t sweat as much, so they can be overwhelming if they evaporate too quickly in the warmth of the summer.”

Perfume not lasting in the summer heat? Here’s Jonny’s advice to make your waft last longer.

  • Choose the right strength of perfume for you. The least strongest is an Eau de Cologne or an Eau Fraiche, with around 1-3% of fragrance oil and only lasts around a couple of hours. This is perfect for those who don’t want a heavy scent!
  • Prepare the skin. Perfume can last longer on moisturised skin, so a complimentary body lotion (or fragrance-free moisturiser) applied first can help to maintain the scent’s release for longer.
  • Spritz don’t rub To preserve the perfume, and make it last longer on the skin, spritz both wrists lightly and let the liquid sink in.
  • Don’t douse If you’re thinking of spraying your perfume into the air and walking through it, almost creating a fragrance mist to douse yourself, it can actually have the opposite effect.
  • Keep cool As you sweat the natural oils of the skin can breakdown perfume faster, so it won’t last as long.
  • Keep topped up A great idea is to buy a perfume gift set that has a full size bottle as well as a smaller, handbag size to keep perfume topped up in the day. Apply as needed and based on the strength of perfume choice.

Switch your Scent in SummerHere are Perfume Direct’s top summer fragrances

GUCCI BLOOM, £79.99 (save £19.01 off the RRP) from www.perfumedirect.com


Gucci Bloom

The rich floral scent of Gucci Bloom makes it ideal for summer, and like the bloom of a flower its fragrance is created to ‘unfold’ so it’s long lasting. Natural Jasmine and heady Tuberose are mixed with woody accents of Orris Root and Rangoon Creeper to create a powdery, petal scent on the skin


Taking its inspiration from the blooming gardens of Tuscany, bergamot, mandarin and sweet blackcurrant open Roberto Cavalli Florence Blossom’s scent.  A feminine infusion of soft rose petals, exotic jasmine and orange blossom form the heart. Sensual notes of iris, patchouli, sandalwood and ambroxan perfectly compliment. Limited edition, fruity and floral, brand new for 2020.

Switch your Scent in Summer


Part of the well-known Daisy collection, Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh is a sparkling, light fragrance to lift your mood. Daisy Eau So Fresh opens with sweet notes of grapefruit and raspberry, before moving into a heart of jasmine, rose, lychee and apple blossom. A base of musk, Virginia cedar and plum offers a balanced finish to this vibrant fragrance. It can be worn for any occasion, offering the perfect accompaniment to boost your mood.

CHLOE NOMADE, £55.99 (save £14.01 off RRP) www.perfumedirect.com

Switch your Scent in Summer

Chloe Nomade is another floral France with a warming and woody sense to it. It offers a combination of strong, modern notes, sweet Mirabelle plum combines with citrus bergamot and lemon notes, before opening to a flowery heart of freesia, jasmine, peach and rose and finishing on a bold, earthy base of oakmoss, patchouli, amber and sandalwood. Uplifting, adventurous, best seller.

LANCOME IDOLE, £43.99 (save £4.01 off RRP)

Lancome Idôle is a fresh, sophisticated, unapologetically modern fragrance. Opening with radiant rose accompanied by jasmine absolute adding intense softness to this graceful bloom. Enveloped with notes of bergamot and juicy pear with a touch of pink peppercorn.

Sourced using ethical and sustainable ingredients.


Switch your Scent in Summer

Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey Pure Nectar

Feels like a pure drop of sugary flower nectar with every spray and invigorates with an instant hit of fresh bergamot, sweet honey and sparkling pear. Soft rose petals lay at the heart, alongside sweet peony and aquatic water notes. This beautiful, refined blend of flowers is followed by a luxurious and creamy base including cashmeran, white musk and violet. Hot new arrival, great for every day.


DOLCE AND GABBANA LIGHT BLUE SUN, £46.99 (save £10.01)

A fruity-floral fragrance for women –Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue Sun offers the perfect summer cocktail containing notes of lemon, coconut, jasmine, white rose and white musk.


TOM FORD SOLEIL BLANC, £134.99 (save £83.01 off the RRP) www.perfumedirect.com

Switch your Scent in Summer

Tom Ford Soleil Blanc opens with bright bergamot accentuated by a spicy cardamom-peppery undertone with jasmine, sweet ylang-ylang, a hint of light tuberose on a base of tonka bean and coconut. It’s perfect for warmer weather.



A feminine, floral fusion for after dark. Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Midnight has fruity top notes of pomegranate and black currant that sit on a captivating floral heart of peony and night blooming jasmine. The base of white musk and vanilla leaves a sweet and creamy trail that nobody will forget.

Switch your Scent in Summer

YSL MON PARIS FLORAL, £60.99 (save £17.01)

YSL Mon Paris Floral is full of love and desire. Invigorate with sharp tangy citruses and soft peach which open the scent to instantly refresh. The iconic and alluring Datura flower sits in the heart alongside delicate notes of rose, magnolia and peony. The base to this scent is gentle and comforting with patchouli, musk and cashmere.

Switch your Scent in Summer – For more information visit www.perfumedirect.com

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