Summer Jewellery – the wearables to make you stand out!

Summer is just around the corner, and it’s time to organise your summer capsule wardrobe. This is a selection of wearables you will take to your beach or pool holiday. It contains all the essentials you will need; carefully choose and pair them together so you can easily mix and match them. 

In this article, we look at a range of summer essential jewellery that you can include in your capsule wardrobe. Some of it is perfect for nights out; others will only work at the pool. But we’ve included plenty of options that are diverse, bright and versatile, so you won’t ever be stuck for something to wear. 

Wear bright colours 

Summertime is your excuse to go bright and bold. It’s that season when the sun sits high for most of the day and beats down on your face and body as you lay on the beach or relax by the pool. In the evening, you want to bring some of that warmth and energy to the streets and bars. 

Look out for your best beach fashion and try to match the jewellery to it. This doesn’t mean it has to be the same colour, quite the opposite. Look for jewellery that contrasts with your wearables and complements them at the same time. Choose coral and orange colours, round shapes, and go for gems and fun stones. 

What about the stones? 

Summer calls for stones that are fun, bright, and sassy, so what better choice than gems. Gems work well on all kinds of jewellery, and they’re perfect for different occasions. All going well, you’ll need different necklaces and rings for going out with friends and for romantic dinners. 

When you’re organising your summer wardrobe, throw in some chains and beaded styles for the beach pool and informal gatherings. For the more formal occasions, you want to have something more subtle but still impressive, like Swarovski crystal or diamonds from infinitydiamondjewellery.com

Choose sea-inspired jewellery

Whether you stay at home this year or head to the coast, you won’t go wrong when you choose sea-inspired jewellery. This could be jewellery made from pearls that complement the summer incredibly well; they could equally be gems. Choose styles to suit your personality. 

If you’re a quiet, introverted person, you might want some subtle pearls as earrings or a necklace to connect your summer fashion to the sea. Otherwise, go for something big, bold, fun, and aquatic – there’s no reason not to; it’s summer. 

Go for rose gold 

If you’re looking for the perfect jewellery material to compliment the summer, look no further than rose gold. Rose gold is perfect for the summer because of its rich gold hue that emulates the sunset. This versatile material goes well with any outfit on any occasion. 

Rose gold is also super flexible. You can wear it as earrings, tiny hoops, studs, and rings. You can also have rose gold pieces that are more formal or more fun. Rose gold is somewhere in between silver and gold in terms of making a statement, don’t be without it this summer. 

Chunky bracelets are summer favourites

It isn’t just Millennials who have bought into chunky bracelets, although you see them on millennial wrists more often than anyone else. Still, don’t discount them if you happen to be a little older or a little younger. Chunky bracelets make a big splash in the summertime. 

So why are they so good? First of all, chunky bracelets are colourful and loud. That’s exactly what you want when you go to a beach party or a pool party. The sun is out, the drinks are flowing, and everyone’s in high spirits; chunky bracelets are more than welcome to the party. 

Don’t ignore the short necklace trend 

Choker necklaces are in right now, especially among the younger crowd. It’s fair to say they look stunning in them, but unfortunately, it’s only those of a certain age that can pull them off. Still, there are alternatives if you have to sit a little outside the age bracket. Those alternatives are short necklaces. 

Short necklaces are ideal for any time of the day or night, depending on your style and preference. Choose a ring of pearl beads to settle on your neck bones or a single necklace with a large Roman pendant on the chest. Don’t forget to search out jewellery with unique patterns and designs for summer. 

Drop earrings are great 

Drop earrings are large earrings that dangle and fall with hoops or tassels. They are big, bold, and very statement-y. These earrings are not as versatile as some of the other ideas on the list, but they are essential to any summer wardrobe, especially if you count on having formal nights out or dates. 

When you choose your drop earrings for the summer, go for gold for formal occasions and large hoops for a night out with friends. Drop earrings draw the attention of the eye and complement your hair and face. If you want to stand out this summer, and shine, bring some drop earrings along. 

Don’t forget your hoops

Summer jewellery

As mentioned above, hoop earrings are perfect for the summer because their loud and colourful, like your personality and fashion sense. That’s right; hoop earrings probably won’t suit introverted people, who might be better served by pearls and gems. But if you feel the draw of the hoops, don’t hesitate. 

You can wear hoop earrings very informally, at a pool, for instance. But equally, you can wear them out partying. Choose your materials based on how you think you’ll wear them. Silver is always a good option because it works formally and is quite robust when it comes to the wear and tear of the pool or beach. 

In summary  

It’s time to get excited about the summer and start planning your summer capsule wardrobe. Think carefully about how you want to spend your summer – the occasions you expect to have and choose jewellery that complements and contrasts. When you select the stones and necklaces from the list above, you can be sure to stay in style and on point this summer season.


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