How to Find the Perfect Plus Size Bra

Wearing an ill-fitting bra can result in bad posture, neck pain, and skin abrasions due to chafing. Knowing how to find the perfect plus size bra can help you overcome all these problems, enhancing comfort.

If you are a plus-size woman, a push up bra for D cup can help prevent deep bulges and creases around your chest, reduce breast sagging, and improve the appearance of your outfit overall. The following steps help you choose a perfectly fitting plus size bra that won’t cause spillage or straps digging into the shoulders.

Measure Your Band and Cup Size Correctly

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Bras vary depending on brands because a certain bra size might fit you correctly, and the same size from another brand doesn’t. The easiest way to find the perfect plus-size bra is to have the right measurements by either measuring yourself or having a professional fitter do it for you.

If you prefer going to a bra fitting expert in shops that specialize in lingerie, the session goes for around fifteen minutes and normally takes place in a private room. However, if you want to order your bra online, use a tape measure to measure yourself at home.

Find the Right Support

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Plus-size women have larger breasts, and wearing a bra that doesn’t offer sufficient support might cause some back and shoulder discomfort. Keeping in mind that comfort is a new luxury, get a bra with a tighter, wider, or longer band for the best shoulder and back support.

Try It Out

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It’s advisable to try it on to find out whether it fits you well before making a purchase. The center panel in the front of a perfectly fitting bra should lie flat against the breastbone, and if it doesn’t, the cups might be small.

A fitting bra positions your breasts midway between the elbow and the shoulder. It should also allow you to place a finger under the band and straps.

If you opt to buy online, find out whether the seller has a free return policy before making the order. This will give you the opportunity to try it on once it arrives.

Take Care of Your Bra

Usually, bras are made of elastic materials such as spandex, which can become loose if not maintained well. The following tips can help you maintain its elasticity and shape for longer.

  • Hand wash your bras and lay them flat to dry
  • Use a mesh lingerie bag if you opt to machine wash them
  • Avoid folding the bras when storing them

Related Questions

plus size bra

Which Plus Size Bra Style Offers the Most Comfort?

Full coverage plus size bra styles offer the most comfort as they have large cup sizes, good back, and shoulder support, have wider bands and broader straps, which provide extra breast support.

What Bra Sizes Are Considered Plus Size?

Bras with a band size of 44 or bigger and a cup size of D or bigger are considered plus size. These bras are ideal for women with larger breasts and slim body frames.

Do Plus Size Bras Cause Side Spillage?

A perfectly fitting plus-size bra does not cause side or top spillage. In case of spillage, try loosening the straps. If this doesn’t help, then your bra cups might be small.

Final Thoughts

Knowing how to find the perfect plus size bra helps ensure you get a bra that provides you with comfort and confidence. Generally, a perfect-fitting bra should provide support without spillage or straining the shoulders.

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