Fashion Pieces You Can Wear All Year Round

Fashion is, almost by definition, a constantly changing thing. The moment everyone starts to wear the same thing, the pressure to break out and set a new trend becomes almost irresistible. Keeping up with the seasonal changes can be exhausting.

And yet, this isn’t something with which we need to concern ourselves too deeply if we don’t want to. You only need a few basic items to get through the year. It might be that you already have many of them to hand. Come up with a budget, review your style, and shop accordingly for those important fashion pieces.

Let’s take a look at the staple items that just about everyone needs.

Basic tees

The basic T-shirt is popular for a reason. It looks good, it’s immensely versatile, and it’s usually affordable, too. With that said, it’s worth shopping for a high-quality one. Pair your T-shirt with a blazer, a skirt, or both. Experiment with the different available colours or patterns, or make a statement with a massive logo or a complex design. If you have an affinity for a particular brand, band, or sports team, here’s your opportunity to pin your colours to the mast.

Cosy knits

fashion pieces jumper

Everyone needs a few casual cosy-knits. Jogging bottoms, sweatshirts and hoodies are great for lounging around the house – or for working in comfort when you’re away from the office. The right jumper can also be enormously effective in a range of different situations.

These items tend to be extremely versatile. You can wear them during morning yoga, or a jog around the block. In some cases, they work for slightly more formal and party occasions, such as dressing up jumpers with knee-high boots and accessories. It’s just a question of what you’re pairing them with.

Practical trousers

A range of different trousers will suit you for a range of different occasions. Cargo pants are great for everyday use, palazzos are a great substitute for skirts, and corduroy is perfect for a certain sort of occasion. And, of course, jeans work with everything.

The chances are good, however, that you’ll favour one style over another. You might just prefer it, or it might match with the shape of your body.

Staple jewellery

fashion pieces jewellery

If you want to make your wardrobe truly cohesive, then you need to take accessories seriously. A few choice pieces of jewellery can help to tie everything together, and lend a dash of personality to whatever you’re wearing. On top of your everyday jewellery, you might also invest in a few showpiece items to match specific occasions.

You don’t have to spend a huge amount to get a set of jewellery that works. Even austere-looking pieces can add visual accents. Resist the temptation to buy lots of cheap pieces, however – you can only wear so many at any one time, and it’s worth investing in quality.

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