Fancy a cheeky one? – Mind-blowing Wine Handbags

Fancy a cheeky one? – Mind-blowing Wine Handbags – We are thrilled to present you with the PortoVino Purse Collection.  It is elegant and great for everyday, but the best part is that it is a wine purse. 

This is NOT just a Gimmicky Purse.  It is designed with style and fashion in mind to make a woman look and feel great about her fashion accessory choices.. 

PortoVino has nearly 10 different designs, with 27 color ways depending on your mood and style for the night.

Fancy a cheeky one? - Mind-blowing Wine Handbags

So How does it Work?

It actually has a secret zippered insulated compartment that holds a beverage pouch so you can store and pour wine or every beverage right from your Purse.

Fancy a cheeky one? - Mind-blowing Wine Handbags

Fancy a cheeky one?

  • Retail price starting at £54.95 
  • You can also check us out online in the UK at Amazon UK
  • You can also check us out online at WEBSITE
  • Designed with fashion in mind, so you will look and feel great taking your purse to any social setting.
  • Designed to use everyday with or without the beverage pouch
  • Made of a variety of materials from genuine Italian leather to vegan leather to cotton canvas and each lined with a soft cotton interior.
  • Discreetly holds 2 bottles of wine (1.5 liters) in an easy to use, removable and reusable beverage pouch – VERY eco-friendly
  • A hidden, insulated compartment keeps your beverage pouch chilled for hours
  • Roomy enough to hold your beverage pouch AND all your essentials in a separate compartment.
  • Designer flap on the back hides the pouring spouts until you are ready to use it.
  • Save hundreds of dollars by never having to pay for another drink out again while getting to drink your beverage of choice!
  • Can hold your favorite beverage, from wine, beer, mixed drinks, to water or juice for the kids.
  • You’re sure to get a wild, and maybe even envious, reaction from your friends!

PortoVino Wine Purse

PortoVino Lookbook

Phone:  480-400-8676 ext102

email:  marisa@porto-vino.com

PortoVino is a proud sponsor of Feed My Starving Children.  Buy a purse, feed a child!

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