A Quiet Revolution – the power of softness

Eberjey believes in the power of softness. In letting ourselves relax into effortlessness. With smooth, supple fabrics we invite the mind and body to ease into simply being. A radical promise to live a life led by joy. 

In the ‘90s lingerie market, there was no space for a woman to be her natural self. It was an era of push-up bras and G-strings — and though the overtness of the ‘90s excited the fashion world — none of it felt comfortable or naturally sensual to most women. Eberjey developed as a brand that women could come home to and feel at home in. It steadily became the brand that women found synonymous with unwinding after a long day, slipping into a relaxed state of mind.  

Founded by two friends, Ali Mejia and Mariela Rovito, Eberjey emerged in 1996 on the simple but radical premise that we should be genuine — genuine to connect to ourselves and our sensuality. They set out to create everyday lingerie that would feel comfortable and effortless. Lingerie that allows you to be you. 

In the late ’90s, it was their bralette and brief that took off. They felt barely there — like wearing nothing at all, yet still supported. Eberjey pieces neither pinched, dug in, restricted, or pushed up to demand its wearer be anything other than truly herself. It was this newly defined degree of comfort that put them on the map. 

But it was their Gisele PJ — a simple, modern twist on the classic sleeping pajama cut in a signature, buttery- soft modal — that revolutionized sleep as we know it. The original pajama set not only became an instant success leading to international distribution, but also elevated sleepwear into a fashion category. The Gisele PJ instantly became a best seller with thousands of women swearing by and gifting the beloved set. Its irresistible softness simply speaks for itself. Now over 20 years later, Eberjey is universally recognized by consumers as the originator of the modern, perfect PJ. In 2018, Oprah Winfrey joined a long list of women, editors and celebrities —calling Eberjey’s Gisele PJ her absolute favorite. 

The female-founded brand has steadily grown its distribution globally to include the world’s leading retailers with four brick-and-mortar stores in the US, while expanding its categories to include lounge, resort and mini. With over a thousand retailers worldwide, they still believe that their stores are the best way to experience the feel and essence of the brand. Throughout its evolution, Eberjey has remained dedicated to comfort and true to its roots of softness and joy.

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