5 Shoe Brands That Define Style and Comfort

The most comfortable and stylish shoe brands, everything you need to know is right here.

When it comes to shoes, it isn’t good enough for them to look good or be comfortable to wear; nowadays, people want the whole package. Several shoe brands have made a name for themselves simply by giving their consumers the best shoe possible.

From Ecco shoes NZ to Dr Martens, Nike, and Adidas, here are some of the best shoe brands that will give you runway-ready style, and comfort.


Nike is the go-to brand for those who want shoes that look good, feel great to wear, and are also incredibly versatile. From their running shoes to the Dunks, Nike has set the bar for what a shoe should look like and do.

No matter your needs, Nike will most certainly have the shoe for you unless you want a pair of heels or Chelsea Boots.


shoe brands

If you aren’t a fan of Nike, it’s probably because you prefer Adidas. They have been in the shoe game for decades now and have produced hundreds of leisure and high-fashion shoes over time. Not only that, but they are also regarded as the brand that has some of the most comfortable shoes around.

They also have incredible leisure and running lines, giving wearers supreme comfort and a shoe that will last years.

New Balance

New Balance was once viewed as the brand your dad loves; however, they have transformed into one of the most popular and loved shoe brands on the planet. This is due to them creating incredibly well-made and simple shoes at an affordable price.

New Balance shoes not only look good but have great sole and arch support, giving you long-lasting comfort and giving your foot the structure it needs to remain healthy.


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Another brand that has become a staple in the shoe world is Vans. For a long time now, they have been creating very comfortable and versatile sneakers that will feel at home at the skate park or in the club on a night out.

The shoes may be simple, but they are very well-made, can take a beating, and are still affordable enough for you to buy two or three pairs at a time if you need new ones.


Even after all these years, Puma is still one of the most underrated shoe brands around. Famed for their sports shoes, Puma also has a wide range of high-quality leisure shoes that will give the likes of Nike and Adidas a run for their money. Not to mention their many unique designs and collaborations that you just can’t find anywhere else.

Dr Martens

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Dr Martens is easily one of the best shoe brands on the planet. Not only are their exceptionally well-made, but they are so incredibly comfortable that you will never want to wear anything else.

While it takes a bit of time to wear them, the leather used for the shoes is soft and comfortable while still keeping their shape and providing your foot and ankle with the support they need.


Very few sandals on the market are more recognisable than Birkenstocks. The simple design lends itself to versatility and being a shoe that is made for multiple seasons. Not only that, but they also offer wearers comfort and style you just can’t find with other shoes.

Birkenstocks are also now doing collaborations. A recent one with shoe giant Manolo Blahnik created bright and bejewelled Birks that keep the same comfort but add a level of style never seen before.


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Crocs went through a stage where they were probably the most hated shoe on the planet. However, through some clever marketing and exciting collaborations, they are now the best “ugly” shoe around.

Crocs can not only be worn almost anywhere, but they can be worn in the sea, on a walk, at home, or at work. They come in a huge variety of colours and styles nowadays; therefore, there is almost something for everyone.


Allbirds are a lesser-known shoe brand that focuses on simplicity and versatility. Not only are their shoes comfortable, but they are also made from environmentally friendly materials and in a sustainable way.

The brand is also expanding as it is beginning to dive into collaborations, creating new colours and shapes to choose from.

Chuck Taylor’s

Chuck’s is another brand that has been around for decades and has only become more popular as time goes on. The simple designs and various colourways have created a shoe brand that appeals to everyone.

The All-Stars are easily one of the most famous shoes ever made, and most people have owned at least one pair in their lifetime.

Charlotte Stone

It is challenging to find a heeled shoe that is more comfortable than a shoe without a heel; however, Charlotte Stone has managed to do it. Their range of colourful, heeled shoes is perfect for Summer and the warmer months, providing comfort and breathability.

With dozens of different styles and colours to choose from, you will be able to find something for every taste and occasion.

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