Competition Terms and Conditions

Competitions on H&N Magazine

Competitions on H&N Magazines website and our associated social media platforms give our readers and followers the chance to win prizes from or in relation to our partner brands.

Brands offer competitions to inform you about their products or services and sometimes additional benefits like offers, discounts or exclusives to the entrants of those competitions.

To make sure that our competitions are fair, transparent and compliant with applicable laws and best practice, we set out the terms and conditions that apply to competitions. Sometimes, the partner brand or prize provider will have additional terms and conditions on the competition page itself.


Terms & Conditions

 It is a condition of entry to a competition that you agree to the terms and conditions below as well as the specific terms that apply to that competition.

In running a competition, we collect, store and process personal data. To see how we process your data, see how we use your data. It is a condition of entry that you agree to our data policies.

The data controller and promoter is H&N Magazine Group, which we will refer to as the ‘company’ below.


How Competitions Work

Typically, competition winners are drawn at random within a few days of the competition’s closing date, and the winner is notified immediately.

If the winner does not respond within 48 hours (or the time period specified), the company may elect to re-draw the prize and offer it to someone else without further notice. When this happens, the original winner automatically forfeits their eligibility for the prize. The company may repeat this process until an eligible winner is found or may close the competition without notice.

These durations and the medium used to contact the winner are subject to change, without notice, as the company deems necessary. Business hours and public holidays may change or impact these durations. Where a prize is limited in availability, capacity or is time sensitive, the company accepts no responsibility where a prize becomes unavailable and may withdraw the prize without notice at any time. The company, promoter or brand partner may alter, substitute or change the prize for another of similar type or value without notice.

After a competition is closed, you agree that we can send you our H&N Magazine email newsletter to inform you of similar opportunities, competitions, offers and interesting features. You can stop receiving such information by using the ‘unsubscribe’ link in the next email you receive.


General Terms

  • The data controller and promoter is H&N Magazine Group, which we will refer to as the ‘company’ below.
  • You can contact the company in relation to a competition or as a data controller by seeing our contact page.
  • You agree that you are at least 18 years of age at the time of entering the competition and can provide official proof of age, on demand, when required by the company. The company has absolute discretion as to what forms of proof of age or identity are acceptable.
  • Where the company believes that false information has been given or that an entry has been manipulated or submitted by automated means, the company will dismiss or void such entries without notice, before or after selection of a winner.
  • The company or the brand partner reserves the right to void or remove an entry or withdraw a prize without notice, particularly if it is believed the entrant has not adhered to the terms and conditions or has otherwise not acted in the spirit of the competition.
  • Prizes are subject to availability and the normal rules and terms that may apply to particular goods or services continue to apply. These are normally issued by the third party that provides the prize(s) over which the company has no control.
  • We cannot accept responsibility for entries which are lost or delayed due to a technical error. We cannot be held responsible for technical failure, or unavailability of a service that prevents entry to a competition or reduces the number of chances to enter.
  • The promoter reserves the right to modify or withdraw our competitions, and the terms that apply to them, at any time.
  • The laws and regulations of the United Kingdom apply.
  • Only one entry is allowed per customer/entrant, unless otherwise stated.
  • You agree that the company’s decision is final in all cases of dispute or query.


Redeeming a Prize

  • Entrants and winners take responsibility for any expenses incurred in entering or redeeming a prize, including but not limited to, travel expenses or other costs not explicitly included in a prize.
  • Prizes are usually posted from the company’s address or posted or collected from the participating venue, as appropriate. The company or brand partner may require proof of eligibility, on demand, and you agree to provide the evidence necessary and allow the company or brand partner to make checks and/or record this information for audit purposes. If such proof of eligibility is not provided, the company or brand partner may elect to withdraw the prize.
  • When a prize is provided by a third party, that third party may require permission to access  your personal information, for example your email address, to enable them to fulfil or redeem the prize. Where you do not grant such permission, you agree that your entry is automatically withdrawn, and you forfeit the prize.

Specific Terms

  • Where there is a conflict between these terms and those specific to a competition, the competition-specific terms shall take precedence.