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Have you heard about the brand new subscription service from Lush?

Words by Rachel McAlley

Have you heard about the brand new subscription service from Lush? You can order a little treat for yourself each and every month in the form of the Lush Kitchen Subscription.

Summer 2020 marked the start of a new era for the Lush Kitchen. The team started their monthly subscription box and Lush Kitchen membership, and we are all over it here at H&N.

Lush customers everywhere can now subscribe to the Lush Kitchen for £35 a month plus shipping. Each subscriber will receive a Lush Kitchen Subscription Box featuring 4-5 exclusive products.

The content of every box is based on subscriber votes from a changing monthly menu. And, every box you order will receive one or two surprise goodies chosen by Lush.

Firstly, included in your subscription box is the most wonderful vegan products delivered straight to your door (products are vegan). Secondly, each month you will have a new menu to vote on and the most voted for products will be in that month’s box. Thirdly, you won’t know what’s in your box until you open it.

You will also be able to see contents of previous boxes on #LushKitchen, and speculation is highly encouraged by the team!

Lush Kitchen Dates

The excitement is in the planning, and it breaks down like this:

  • 5th of the month is the last day to vote for and subscribe to that month’s box.
  • 6th of the month your payment will be taken for that month’s box.
  • 9th of the month the Lush Kitchen team get cooking fresh handmade favourites.
  • Last day of the month: the team start to dispatch your Kitchen Box!

Much more than just a subscription box, as you, the subscriber will automatically become a member of the Lush Kitchen community, with exclusive insider access to the Lush world.

Are you are desperate to know more? We suggest visiting Lush Kitchen where all your questions will be answered.



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