The Ultimate at Home Self-Tanning and Tan Removal Products

Treat yourself to that gradual tan that you love so much.

Words by Rachel McAlley

Nudity Glow Gradual Tanning Water by Rose & Caramel

Want to glow like a goddess this autumn or even through the winter months? Look no further than Rose & Caramel’s Nudity Glow Gradual Tanning Water.

This dual-purpose tanning product can be used as a gradual tanning water to give a subtle tan or glow (that can be built up daily), or the ultimate self-tan extender.

This smart product has 24-hour Skin Hydration Technology that allows not a light shimmer but beautiful skin that shines!

For those looking for something to extend their self-tan this is the perfect partner as it is an oil free mist that hydrates the skin without breaking down your self-tan.

The secret is that it contains a low DHA percentage, which means it will give a little gentle extra colour.

Priced at around £25 for 250ml, available from Just My Look and Pretty Little Thing.

Purity Self Tan Removing Bubble Bath by Rose & Caramel

Whether you’re a pro at self-tanning or a rookie, self-tan removal can be one heck of a lengthy process. First comes the exfoliation with products. Secondly you need mitts. Thirdly finding anything at all that can remove it in between all the difficult bits of the body is nigh on impossible.

Experts of self-tanning, Rose & Caramel understand all self-tanners frustrations, and they know that you have tried all sorts of home products for the removal process. You have probably tried lemon juice, white wine vinegar, baking soda, baby oil, baby wipes and maybe even toothpaste!

That is why Rose & Caramel have developed a one-step solution to this age-old problem of self-tan removal.

Purity Self Tan Removing Bubble Bath is a real game changer for anyone who loves to self-tan. You can easily remove any (branded) self-tan without struggling ever again. Simply relax and soak for 20 minutes in this bubble bath and easily remove your self-tan.

Priced at £23 for 500ml or £7 for 60ml, both available from Just My Look. 500ml also available from Pretty Little Thing.


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