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If you are still to discover the Olverum range of products, what are you waiting for? We have been shouting their praises for over a year now and from the feedback we have received from our readers and followers, these products are capable of changing lives!

Here we tell you about their latest product to join the range of green wellness skincare pioneers Olverum. An effortless, meditative self-care ritual for sun-ready skin, a revitalised spirit, and a sense of whole-body rejuvenation.

As we continue to emerge from our lengthy collective hibernation, rarely has it been more welcome. Olverum Body Polish is a uniquely light and creamy exfoliator that brings the essence of renewal to your skin and spirit.

Originally devised for professional use, Olverum Body Polish enables you to enjoy the benefits of a luxurious spa-quality treatment at home. Gliding on smoothly, this soufflé-feel dual-action exfoliator gently but effectively buffs skin to velvet smoothness. A nourishing blend of sumptuous essential oils then brighten skin, bestowing a toned sensation and naturally radiant appearance.

And unlike many viscous, scratchy body scrubs, its effortlessly spreadable texture means less pressure is required to perform an effective skin purifying massage, delivering maximum exfoliation without irritation. Used regularly, it makes for an invigorating self-care ritual, relieving pent-up physical tension, easing stress, and improving mental wellbeing.

Simply applying Olverum Body Polish with firm circular motions for as little as five minutes boosts circulation, maximising its effects, encouraging cell renewal, and stimulating the lymphatic system to give skin a naturally healthy glow. For a supremely contouring experience, it also leaves the skin perfectly prepared to get the best out of Olverum Firming Body Oil, an intensive body firming treatment.  

Olverum Body Polish distils the brand’s nine decades of green wellness expertise into a synergistic formulation of innovative ingredients. First, sustainably sourced Papaya Enzyme melts away dead skin cells organically, allowing silky, deep-cleansing Hydroclay to lift and eliminate impurities. Meanwhile mechanical exfoliants Bamboo Extract and Pumice polish the skin to a satin-feel finish and enable a nourishing cocktail of essential oils to penetrate to where they are needed most.

Firming Bergamot, Lavandin, and Geranium Oils work in concert to boost elasticity, while aromatic contouring botanicals Grapefruit Oil and Fennel Oil brighten skin tone and spirit alike. Blending harmoniously with the invigorating scents of Patchouli Oil and Ylang Ylang, this carefully balanced formula leaves skin feeling refined, supple, and glowing with a renewed lustre.

To use this product, apply a thin layer to dry or damp skin, massaging in a circular motion. To ensure maximum efficacy, leave the scrub to absorb into the skin for five minutes, allowing the Papaya Enzyme to activate its gentle exfoliation before rinsing thoroughly, then pat dry.

Here at H&N HQ, we have fallen totally in love with Olverum Body Polish! As a collective, we are in agreement that our skin has never felt so silky smooth and tanning has never been so easy to get a perfect, seamless finish!

We love to follow the body polish ritual with Olverum’s Body Oil. If you want to get your skin noticed, use these two products and let us know what you think. We are sure you will love them as much as we do.

For best results, use once or twice a week.

Papaya Enzyme
Sustainably sourced from food waste, this dissolves dead skin gently and naturally. With typical devotion to detail, Olverum have sourced a Papaya Enzyme which has been proven to be as effective as the alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) commonly found in other exfoliators.

Bamboo Extract
Extracted from a singular variety of bamboo growing in Indian mountain forests, its fine-particle grains gently purge surface layers of dead skin without irritating the fresh new skin beneath.

Lightweight Pumice grains, produced from volcanic rock, buff away rougher, tougher layers of dry skin without causing unpleasant scouring sensations
Grapefruit Oil, Fennel Oil
Scientifically proven to activate the sympathetic nervous system for a more contoured look.

Bergamot Oil, Geranium Oil
Help to promote natural cellular regeneration, and soothes fresh, renewed skin as dead cells are eliminated.

Lavandin Oil
(Lavandula Hybrida Grosso Herb Oil)

A botanical powerhouse that can reduce skin breakouts, minimise the appearance of marks and slanted lines, and promote collagen synthesis for a smoother complexion

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