Lone Design Club London Launches Stunning Beauty Zone

Looking for indie designers and small beauty brands? Lone Design Club is the place for you.

We visited Lone Design Club at Westfield London to check out the store’s brand new Beauty Zone, and whilst there we had a mooch around the young designers collections.

LDC X Westfield London Pop-Up has just announced the brand lineup for their in-store beauty bar. It is showcasing the best independents around, featuring a range of organic, sustainable and ethical beauty brands. LDC offers everything you need to keep your skin, hair and nails in check.


PEACE + PURE was created by Alice Wu, after a channelling period in her life that led her to explore the connection between wellbeing and healthy skin. The Timeless Elixir Facial Serum holds the answer to healthy, radiant and visibly younger-looking skin. Enhanced by the power of nature, this premium age-defying serum has been created by skincare formulation experts. It nourishes, hydrates and smoothes all skin types using a unique blend of the highest quality ingredients. Organic, certified vegan and cruelty-free, 100% derived from botanicals.

Founded by French sisters, and beauty experts, Hamida and Yasmine Smatti, L’ATELIER Green was born. They help countless beauty fans to repair their fragile nails damaged from years of acrylics, gel manicures and toxin-filled varnishes. The vegan range steers clear from harmful chemicals, never tests on animals or uses animal-derived ingredients. Environment-friendly products (made in France In an eco-friendly site,100% recycled and recyclables bottles, no unnecessary packaging).

More Great Brands

Gaia Guru was founded to bring back wisdom from ancient medicine that has been lost to the modern world. Gaia Guru loosely translates to ‘Earth Teacher’ and draws upon forgotten knowledge from Ayurvedic Medicine.

Their products including balms, oils and drops aim to combine ancient knowledge with modern nutritional science in a way that restores the health and wellbeing of individuals, and the earth. Demystify CBD through education, complementary all-natural ingredients and the creation of meaningful content.

Sofia Latif is award-winning simplified skincare, celebrating and amplifying women’s raw beauty. These products regenerate and strengthen skin using pure seeds and flower oils. A fusion of Indian and African wisdom brought to life through experience, hand-crafted in small batches with a planet-loving ethos. Vegan, waterless, cruelty-free, and made in the UK.

There are more beauty brands to check out in store and many outstanding fashion designers, so why not call in and take a look.

Lone Design Club

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