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A fresh new look for Babe Original – the results-driven range for everyone wanting to express their originality.

Babe Original, known for its #1 professionally recommended Eyelash Serum, introduce new products and a fresh rebrand this February – express your own natural features and originality, with results driven formulas that work. The cosmetic brand that specialises in eyelash serums, conditioners and other eye-centric products have rebranded to reveal more originality, more confidence, and more personality. Providing high quality, formulas that are accessible to all beauty babes wanting great eyes!  

The Babe Original range uses performance ingredients that are clean, vegan and aren’t tested on animals. The AM/PM focused collection consists of the Essential Lash Serum, Enhancing Lash Conditioner, Amplifying Brow Serum, Enriching Mascara, Volumising Mascara and Plumping Lip Jelly, which have all been designed using clean, performance led ingredients for maximum effectiveness. Babe Original believes beauty embraces originality, not conformity – it’s not a case of if they work, it’s how they work…for you!  

The range has been created to provide products that not only give you an instant confidence boost but help enhance your unique and all-original beauty over time, thanks to powerful results-driven formulas. The products are not about covering up flaws or imperfections but embracing the uniqueness of all individuals and celebrating what makes you original. Babe Original is here for all ages, ethnicities, and identities, whether you prefer minimalistic makeup looks or full-on glam.  

Feel confident in your original self and start your Babe Original journey today for real results. 

Babe Lash Essential Serum (RRP: 2ml £45.00, 3-month supply with daily application. Also available in 1ml £27.00 and 4ml £80.00 

The Babe Lash Essential Serum is an award-winning, best-seller, with over 14,000 4.5 + star reviews. What can you expect? Longer-looking, flutter-worthy and healthier lashes. No longer considered a niche beauty product, lash serums have become one of the fastest growing cosmetic categories, and Babe Original leads the pack. 

Based on clinical research, 9 out of 10 consumers saw longer-looking lashes in just six weeks and 100% couldn’t believe how easy it was to apply and incorporate into their everyday routine. * The formulation features vegan ingredients, including Biotin, Panthenol and Amino Acids, which when applied daily, give a transformative result. 

Directions: Apply every night directly to your lash line on clean, dry skin. One dip of the wand is enough serum for both eyes. Avoid touching your eyes until the serum has dried. 

Babe Amplifying Brow Serum (RRP: £45.00, 4-month supply with daily application)  

Say goodbye to over-plucked, thinning, sparse eyebrows with this ultra-powerful serum. The powerhouse of nourishing ingredients includes Castor Oil, Glycerin, Panthenol and Ginseng which when combined, deliver results in just a few weeks. The doe-foot applicator allows for effortless application that covers the entire brow area.  

Directions: Apply serum in the PM to clean, dry eyebrows. Follow the natural shape of your brow. Re-dip wand before applying to each brow. 

Babe Lash Enhancing Conditioner (RRP: £36.00, 4-month supply with daily application) 

For ultimate results, the Babe Lash Enhancing Conditioner is your AM partner to the Lash Serum. Powered by peptides and filled with hydrating and nourishing ingredients including Hyaluronic Acid and Chamomile that fortify the lash line for fuller looking lashes. Peptides help increase the life of a hair follicle meaning that the growth phase is longer, helping to create stand-out lashes. 

Directions: Apply every morning directly to the top lash line on clean, dry skin. Use a single brush stroke for both eyes. 

Babe Lash Enriching Mascara (RRP: £14.00) 

Your lashes…but way better! This 2-in1 Peptide-infused waterproof mascara instantly enhances your natural beauty by providing lifted, separated and longer lashes, whilst promoting thicker and healthier lashes over time. Clumps are a thing of the past – the application is seamless with a curved wand and smooth-gliding formula, thanks to the Olive Oil and Panthenol within the formulation that moisturise and hydrate to reveal silky lashes. The formula also includes Peptides to promote stronger lashes with continued use.  

Babe Lash Volumising Mascara (RRP: £14.00) 

Instant lash volume in a bottle. A Peptide infused serum mascara that helps achieve max-impact, high volume lashes. The cone-shaped wand is perfect for lifting both the inner and outer lashes, allowing you to layer on the volume to your lash’s desire! Both Babe mascaras include Olive Oil and Panthenol for flake free, silky-smooth lashes. They’re also both water-resistant so you can sweat, swim, and go about your everyday babe life!  

BABE TIP: Apply a second coat for extra volume – wiggle the wand at your lash line and work your way through to the tip of your lashes to finish your great eyes. 

Babe Plumping Lip Jelly (RRP: £14.00 ) 

Achieve an instantly juicier pout with the non-sticky Babe Plumping Lip Jelly, available in mauve and clear. The warm tingly sensation gets to work with just one swipe, whilst the powerful ingredients, including Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E, work together to hydrate the inner and outer layers of the lip.  

*Based on a 12-week consumer study with 30 subjects. Results will vary. 

The Babe offering can be purchased at

Babe Original is on a mission to inspire you to be you. The Babe Original products have been made in the USA, using performance ingredients that are all vegan, clean and are not tested on animals.

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