The Crepe Escape Recipe

@baldchefnicks Failsafe Crepes.

The humble crepe, so versatile, so delicious, sweet and savoury and even used to line the pastry of a Wellington! (Not the Wellington boot – the lamb or beef Wellington!).

Perfect for any occasion.

So what makes a great crepe? Ease of making them, Easy to follow recipe and method, fabulous flavour and texture and some tips and tricks that get the whole family involved.

Serves 4/5 (12-15 Crepes)

Prep time 20 mins

Cooking time 10 mins

You will need:

A Large Non-stick Frying Pan or Crepe Pan

A Spatula

Medium Sieve

A Wooden Crepe Spreader (a few pounds on amazon, lasts a lifetime and is essential)

Wet Cloth


2 Cups Plain Flour

2 ½ Cups of Whole Milk

4 large Eggs (beaten)

2 Tbs Melted Butter

Pinch of Salt

Few drops of Vanilla essence

Vegetable Oil for pan


  • Sift the flour and add salt in a large bowl.
  • Make a well and pour in the beaten eggs – mix well together.
  • Add the vanilla essence to the milk and slowly pour, mixing into the flour and egg (small bubbles will form on surface).
  • Put the whole mixture through a sieve, squishing and dispersing and pushing any lumps through. Discard any residue that is left in sieve and pour the liquid into a jug. Mix in the melted butter.
  • Rub a splash of vegetable oil onto your entire pan surface and heat to a hot level of temperature.
  • Have a plate ready to lay crepes onto at side of pan, your crepe spreader, spatula and a wet cloth to wipe down your wooden spreader each time it is used.
  • Pour mixture into pan forming a nice even circle remembering it will at least double in size when spread.
  • Use the spreader to evenly distribute the batter and allow to cook approx. 30 seconds. You will get a feel for it and when the crepe is cooked enough it will come away from the pan as you slide your spatula underneath it. (See my you tube video).
  • Just 20 seconds should be enough. Flip it onto plate and COOK – EAT- REPEAT or cook them all at once as I do stacking them on the plate.

Serve with anything you fancy or just lemon juice and sugar. Enjoy the treat, enjoy making them and let your family and friends enjoy having a go too!

@Baldchefnicks tips ‘n’ tricks

Please buy the spreader it works brilliantly. Keep your wrist loose when you spread and use a swooping motion. Do not leave the spreader too long without moving or use it too much or the crepe will stick and scramble.

Watch my video and practice – who cares if a few get ruined they still taste nice.

Wipe the spreader after every time it is used, it prevents it sticking to crepe.

The first crepe never goes well – don’t worry, discard it or eat it then make perfect ones after that.

A lot of mix in the pan creates a larger crepe, but too much won’t spread.

Most importantly laugh have fun and enjoy it because cooking is fun, and crepes are awesome!

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