The London Marathon has inspired record numbers to put on their running shoes and take to the streets. 

When it comes to clearing the mind, relieving stress and burning calories running has always been extremely popular and, whilst great for all the things mentioned it does come with its downsides such as joint damage, blisters and aching muscles. 

If running isn’t your thing the team at e-Bikes direct have compiled a list of five exercises that can burn more calories than running. 

Calorie burn is affected by several factors including weight, metabolism and intensity of the exercise.

  1. Skipping

Skipping isn’t just an exercise for kids in the playground, it is a great workout for all and according to experts can burn nearly 1000 calories per hour.   Even jumping rope for a couple of minutes can be enough to get your heart racing. For the best results do skipping as interval training e.g. jump rope for a certain number of reps then walk round for 30 to 60 seconds and then repeat.

  1. Swimming

Gliding through the water is a brilliant way to switch off from the world, while torching calories and building up endurance.  It is also a great option for those who can’t run or take part in some other forms of aerobic exercises as it puts no pressure on the joints.  Swimming vigorously for an hour can burn nearly 1000 calories

  1. Cycling

Whether it’s speed cycling or moderate intensity slow cycling, this calorie burning exercise provides a workout for your heart, lungs and blood vessels and gives you the chance to get some fresh air and blow the cobwebs away.  A gentle bike ride can burn around 364 calories per hour, if you take part in intense cycling, you’ll see the calorie burn go through the roof.

  1. Trampolining

This is a brilliant low-impact form of exercise (it has 80 per cent less impact on joints than jogging).  Whether you are using a big trampoline in your back garden, a small rebounder or taking part in a class, jumping burns a significant number of calories (around 300 per 30 minutes). Trampolining gives a great cardio workout and will help improve overall muscle tone.

  1. Rowing

Rowing is a great calorie burner and all over body workout as it uses nine major muscles groups, including the hamstrings, quads, glutes, core, lats, shoulders, back, triceps and biceps.  Rowing is one of the most intense exercises you can add to your workout routine, can burn around 700 calories an hour and is great for helping with back definition.

It is important to note that there are many, many great reasons to exercise that have nothing to do with weight loss or calorie burn.  Exercise releases endorphins which help us feel good and can also be a great way to get out and meet new people so why not take this list and try something new.