smith and sinclair leeds

If Willy Wonka took Alice and Wonderland to get smashed at The Alchemist, then the end result would almost certainly look a lot like Smith & Sinclair.

The London based edible cocktail company have built a miniature empire with their range of alcoholic gummies and edible perfumes, and the good news is that they are now here in Leeds.

smith and sinclair

Nestled along the bridge in between Rox and Next in Trinity, the exclusive pop-up is here until the end of December, offering shoppers an immersive experience and the chance to purchase their boozy creations.

smith and sinclair leeds popup

One side of the shop is focussed on the edible gummies, which are displayed on a high-end pick n’ mix stall. You can choose to purchase pre-packed boxes of eight gummies, or pick your own. I went with the latter option and snaffled myself some belting flavours in the process.

smith and sinclair leeds

Highlights for me included the Mocha Espresso Martini, the Mandarin Aperol Spritz and the Hibiscus Negroni. Each oversized gummy is 7% ABV, which equates to ½ shot of liquor, so if you’re driving beware. Five of these bad boys and you’re over the limit.

smith and sinclair leeds

At £14.99 per box (or £2 for individual gummies), they are no means cheap, but the quality of the product and the packaging make them an excellent stocking filler.

The edible perfumes are also perfect for gifting and come in a range of mouth-watering flavours. I sampled the Pear & Vanilla with a glass of Prosecco and it did indeed add a nice twist to my drink, as did the Watermelon & Citrus flavour that I took away.

smith and sinclair leeds

Containing vodka and fruit juice, the edible perfumes are 20% ABV and are clearly designed to be carried in handbags for those that want to spritz their fizz on nights out.

smith and sinclair leeds

Next, we were lucky enough to sample some Smith & Sinclair cocktails at The Alchemist, who seem like a perfect match for their brand. My favourite was The Lightbulb Moment, which arrived served in a giant lightbulb and looking like the science project you wish you did back at school.

If you’re in Leeds over the festive period, do go check them out. Otherwise you can head to the Smith & Sinclair website and browse their goodies online.

Smith & Sinclair, Trinity Leeds, 27 Albion Street, Leeds, LS1 5AT.