Men are always more prone to oily skin than women, which is why it’s important to choose a skincare range specifically tailored to male skin. Lloyd Hughes, Creative Director of men-ü says, “Excess oil is a primary skin complaint for many men. Men have more active sebaceous glands, which control how much oil is secreted onto the skin.’’

‘’Try using a face mask as it is probably the easiest of all products to give skin a quick pick me up.  A deep cleanse even if it is done only once every few weeks, can make all the difference, giving skin a glow whilst helping irritated or breakout prone skin and open pores.  And you don’t need to wait 15 minutes for it to dry and do its stuff when there are masks available now that can be just as effective in very little time.”

Here are some tips from men-u to ensure you keep on top of your grooming game.

D-TOX your skin

Kickstart your routine by detoxing your skin with men-ü’s Deep Clean Clay Mask. This fast drying, deep cleansing, absorbent & filtering mask with kaolin clay, witch hazel and zinc oxide. Removes excess oil, dead skin cells, impurities & blockages leaving skin clean, dry, smooth & firm. Good for normal, combination & oily skin. Great for the T-zone!

Have a daily routine

The best advice we can offer to guys who are having problems with their skin is to develop their daily shave and facial routine. Exfoliate, cleanse, tone and condition / moisturise the skin daily. The process of protecting the visual front line is not just for shave days. On particularly harsh, cold and windy days, keep a travel sized amount of moisturiser in your work bag and apply (in seconds) two or three times a day. This takes just a few seconds and will offer long term protection.

Add more texture to hair

The high fronted solid quiff style has been the leading trend for a while now, so many stylists are looking to break down those solid full frontal block shapes using internal cutting to create movement and life, setting hair free from heavily greased styles.

Textured hair supporting lots of movement is a perfect winter style as it isn’t too disrupted by drizzle. Lightly textured style requires a good flexi-hold, easily achieved with men-ü’s LIQUIFFLEX™.  This liquefies easily and disperses evenly through the hair. Hands are left dry to the touch. This is a practically weightless product that will thicken the hair and give it the required body and volume. Great for creating volume with fine, thin hair.

Exfoliate with a close shave

The big block style beard has now been with us for quite a while but for how much longer? This winter season we have been seeing a movement towards, cleaner, smoother, well-groomed skin. Men have more active sebaceous glands than women, secreting more oil onto the skin. It’s the excess oil, dead skin cells and daily elements that block the pores, creating a whole host of skin issues including spots and breakouts which in turn cause issues when shaving.

Every time a guy runs the razor over his skin, he is removing up to two layers of skin cells. This is exfoliation a woman can only dream of. It’s this process of exfoliation that leads to healthier, and hopefully younger looking skin (who doesn’t want that)! It is no coincidence that teenage boys’ skin often starts to clear up at the time they start to shave regularly.

Deep cleanse

After exfoliation (shaving) we need to deep cleanse the skin. Deep cleansing the skin immediately post shave will remove any remaining dead skin cells, cleanse the pores and remove any remaining debris that arises immediately after shaving, leaving the skin freshly exfoliated and deep cleansed. Probably the best preventative against spots and breakouts.

Refresh your skin

The need for a toner type product is more important for men because of their more active sebaceous glands however in our experience men don’t like the term toner. This is why men-ü created a matt skin refresh gel. This is a stronger gel product, specifically designed to tone men’s skin. Sitting in heated room temperatures during the winter months adds to this problem. men-ü matt skin refresh gel removes and controls excess oil that contributes to blocked pores and breakouts.

Cleans pores from impurities, toning and tightening the skin. It also soothes and calms, so great after shaving. Use on towel dried skin after shaving or washing and as required. The final step for a man’s shave regime should be to moisturise the skin. A quality moisturiser should be used to replace lost moisture and if the preference is to cool the skin down afterwards, an aftershave balm and moisturiser combined are recommended e.g. men-ü facial moisturiser lift.

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