Junkyard Golf Leeds

Junkyard Golf Club has finally arrived in Leeds after months of hype. Residing in The Light, the new site follows in the footsteps of London and Manchester, and will be followed with a new opening in Liverpool in the coming months. So, does it live up to its reputation as being the hippest crazy golf joint in town? In a word, yes.

Having heard my best mate waxing lyrical about a trip to the Manchester site, I was pretty chuffed to hear the brand was heading to Yorkshire and whilst it’s not without its faults, I had a darn good blast. Upon entering the reception area downstairs, we were greeted by an enthusiastic team who booked our chosen course and took our coats.

On the recommendation of our lovely host, we went with Gary, which I guess is the flagship course given its junkyard theme. Courses are priced at £8 pp off-peak and £9.50pp peak, with 50% off for students, and can be booked online.

junkyard golf leeds
Upstairs we reached the first of four bars, where you’ll find draught lagers, canned beer and cider, spirits and a selection of Junkyard cocktails, which are largely sugary concoctions garnished with fizzy sweets, popping candy and even Jammy Dodgers. The cocktails are not to everyone’s taste of course, but they a selection of spirits and mixers and craft for any booze snobs and aficionados in the house. I think you’d be pushing it asking for wine, but who cracks out the Malbec during crazy golf?

junkyard golf leeds

The upstairs space is deceptively vast, allowing plenty of room for the three distinctively unique courses to breathe. There’s a jungle-themed course, the circus, and the aforementioned junkyard. Each one is bathed in neon lighting and filled with wild and outlandish set pieces that really put the half-arsed afterthought of a crazy golf course I experienced on my recent trip to Palma in the shade.

junkyard golf cocktail leeds

Brandishing cans of lager and our scorecard, we set foot onto Gary to let the battle commence. The creativity that’s gone into crafting each of the nine holes is impressive- the second hole even features a slide which you’re encouraged to jump on once you’ve finished putting.

junkyard golf leeds

If you’re a snap-happy Instagram addict like myself, then Junkyard Golf is sheer wet dream utopia as you’re surrounded by eye-candy. Halfway through our course and me and my buddy were neck and neck, before I scored a hole-in-one and leapt ahead.

junkyard golf leeds

A few ropey courses later and I was lagging behind, but an almighty last-minute comeback saw me finish first 2 points ahead of my clearly disgruntled opponent. As someone whose most noteworthy sporting performance was cheering an own goal at school footy, I wouldn’t want to lose against me either.

junkyard golf leeds

All was forgotten within minutes as we hit the bar for some post-game drinks, where we definitely felt like the oldest swingers in town (the place had just been packed out with 200 launch party competition winners who were easily half my age). I suspect on a normal night, the crowd would be somewhat more mixed when it comes to age groups.

Final verdict:

Junkyard Golf Club is a riot and perfectly captures the any-one-can have a go spirit of crazy golf whilst injecting a huge dose of personality and creative spirit. If I had to quibble, I’d say it’s a little too easy (or Gary was) and you could probably clear the course in 20 minutes if you skipped the bar midway through and got your game-face on. It would be good to see them introduce 3-courses for the price of 2 deals, as I could happily attempt all three on my next visit. So, if you’re looking for somewhere a bit different to take your next Tinder date or works night out, Junkyard Golf comes highly recommended.


Junkyard Golf, The Light, The Headrow, Leeds, LS1 8TL.