Check Tyre Pressure

Tyre Care Checklist – What every car owner should know

The way we keep our cars, determines the way they are going to behave. Modern day challenge is that we all have tight work schedules and it is very difficult to find time to do anything. Time management comes in handy and if you try to incorporate a basic checklist into your car care routine – you can save yourself from alot of potential problems. In high season garages are normally jam packed and you have to pre-book your slot online. But what if, you could perform some simplistic steps at home before you actually go to the professional experts. Being proactive and paying attention to your car tyres and also general car care will go a long way. You will end up saving a lot of money and gain complete confidence in your vehicle’s performance. The road works in Yorkshire can be very congested when there is excessive traffic and if your car lets you down on a busy day, you will end up being stranded on the road. The usual trouble spots are A64, A166, A1237 and M62 etc and you don’t want to face a car breakdown when the traffic is at its peak!

Always check your tyres when they are cold

When your tyres warm up, after you start driving – you won’t be able to assess the tyre health properly. Reason being, the friction on the road is going to create a deviation. The best approach is to check your tyres for pressure and other things when they are cold. This will give you a fair idea instead of a biased answer.

Are you really checking your tyres?

This is a very fundamental question- if you do not know what “checking” means – you will end up neglecting some vital aspects. For example you could look at:

·        Tyre surface

·        Texture of tyres

·        Presence of cuts/bulges

·        Look out for nails or a punctured tyre

These things sound basic but normally we avoid them, thinking they won’t make a big difference but actually these things can create a big impact.

Know your tyres before you buy them

Researching about your probable options is a good way to be well-aware of what will be the best match for your car. Let’s take the example of a specific area in Yorkshire – Wakefield. If you live inside or surrounding of this area, you would already know that there are many different brands in the region, selling tyres at different prices. For buying the right kind of tyres in Wakefield you can take help of experts from Ossett Tyre House, for a quick conversation you can call here 01924271081. But before you engage in making an appointment try to find out which tyres work best for your vehicle.

Pay attention to wheel balancing

Wheel Balancing

If your wheels are not properly balanced, you can be more prone to an accident because your car can lose control especially when the roads are slippery. Always get professional balancing when you buy new tyres or make this a habit in your car care routine.

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