travelling with pets

With 2020 finally here, most of us have made a resolution to have a better, more fulfilling new year.

One of the most popular resolutions people have is to travel more, however if you have a pet this could prove difficult, especially if you are going on a longer trip.

With that in mind, the experts at sought to find out the best locations in Europe to travel to in 2020 if you have a pet.

To get the data, had a look at for the number of accommodations that allows people to bring their pets along, for all the countries in Europe. No particular dates were chosen, so the results showed all the accommodation available in those areas.

Simultaneously, also looked at how many 5 star rated, pet-friendly, accommodations there are in each country, to see where to travel if you want a 5-star experience for yourself and your pet.

Which countries have the highest number of pet-friendly hotels? found out that the country with the highest number of hotels that accept pets is Italy, with 18,176 pet-friendly hotels available at the time of the research.

The top 5 countries where you can travel with your furry (or not so furry) companion are:

Italy (18,176), Russia (10,831), Poland (8,521), Croatia (7,794) and Spain (6,945).

Where should you travel to for a 5-star experience for you and your pet? also had a look at the number of 5-star hotels for each country in Europe to see where you should travel to if you are looking for a luxurious experience. These are:

France (217 hotels), UK (166 hotels), Italy (157 hotels), Croatia (120 hotels) and Finland (112 hotels).

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