winter sun

5 long haul holiday destinations where your money will go further

If the chilly weather has got you missing summer already, you’re probably planning a winter sun vacation.

But, with fluctuating exchange rates and other travel disruptions, it can be difficult to know where to travel to get the best deal. In this article, Phillip Garlick from travel money experts H&T offers his advice for getting the most out of your pound.

All the recent political and economic uncertainty, particularly around Brexit, has caused the value of the pound to swing up and down. The pound-to-euro exchange rate is currently at a six-month low, and it’s expected to plummet once we leave the EU on October 31st. That’s bad news for Brits looking to get a good deal on their travel money.

To counter this, savvy sun-seekers are choosing to travel outside the EU for their holidays to countries where the pound is still strong against the local currency. While you may have to splash out more for long-haul flights, the exchange rate means you spend less on accommodation, attractions, dining out, and shopping.

Plus, travelling far away in winter means you get to experience incredible Christmas festivities and other winter holiday celebrations alongside unusually scorching weather. You wouldn’t get that if you stayed closer to home!

So, below I’ll take you through five of the best options for winter sun where you can still get a decent deal for your pound sterling.


Probably one of the most popular winter sun destinations above the equator, Mexico is still hot in the colder months and a viable option for UK holidaymakers despite Brexit and the plummeting pound. You will get 24.14 Mexican pesos per 1GBP and much more sunlight — thanks to the long daylight hours — to spend as you wish. To get the most heat and sun, stick to the coast as it stays gloriously hot all year round, whereas destinations at higher altitudes can be a bit cooler — especially at night.


Another jewel of South America, Argentina has seen a boom in British tourism over the last five years because the pound is currently worth 69.85 Argentine pesos, almost three times a better deal than Mexico.

Plus, you can get a mean meal in an Argentinian steakhouse at a fraction of what it would cost imported into the UK. Our winter is their summer, so when you head to Argentina in December you can expect red-hot temperatures, particularly in the north.


Jamaica is perfect for lovers of white sandy beaches, clear oceans, and blue skies. While the temperature does dip ever so slightly in the sunny Caribbean from December to February, it is by no means cold.

It actually does a better job of driving away the rain clouds, bringing about dryer weather than other seasons. Your tropical holiday will be just as scorching as if it was summer, and you’ll only spend 1GBP for every 168.58 Jamaican dollars.

Sri Lanka

On the southern tip of India, Sri Lanka has beaches, mountains, and rainforests to explore, plus plenty of historical and cultural points of interest too.

While the temperature stays around 27°C throughout the year, monsoons and heavy rain affect different parts of the island during different seasons. This means there’s always at least part of the island clear and dry — in winter, it’s the hill lands and the west and south coasts. You’ll get 224.58 Sri Lankan rupees per GBP, too!

Myanmar (Burma)

Like Sri Lanka, the winter season is actually one of the most comfortable times to visit Myanmar, also known as Burma. The weather isn’t soggy and the temperature, while still hot enough to satisfy winter sun seekers, is not as scorching as it is during the summer. From typically South Asian pagodas to both budget and luxury beaches, there’s plenty to do here with the local currency at 1,903.35 per 1GBP.

These are just five of the places where the pound is worth more, so you can get a better exchange rate and have more to spend this winter. But, most importantly, they all offer sweet sunshine and hot temperatures — perfect for escaping the chilly weather.