Europe is home to many amazing cities. Paris, London, Rome and Venice, for instance, are all world-famous and on the top of many people’s must-visit lists.

These cities are indeed, extremely wonderful and are well worth a visit but there is so much more to Europe.

If you fancy escaping the tourist traps and really exploring some of the hidden gems that Europe has to offer, we have a great list for you. These cities have so much to offer when it comes to culture and history as well as offering the perfect environment for recreation. Have a read through and see if you can find somewhere different to enjoy your next city break.

1. Budapest, Hungary

Hungarian Parliament building at night

Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, yet you have probably never really heard much about it. Architecturally, the buildings are extremely varied in style, which creates a wonderful skyline and a paradise for fans of architecture. There are many viewpoints from which to enjoy the glorious skyline, which can help inspire those looking for romance or even just provide a location for quiet contemplation. The nightlife is amazing and varied too, as are the culinary options. You can enjoy anything from traditional Hungarian dishes such as goulash, to international foods from all over the world. Budapest is also home to thermal baths, which offer you the chance to really relax and unwind on your trip. Many of them are located within historic buildings which provide the perfect backdrop to your session.

2. Belgrade, Serbia

Many millennials have a strong desire to travel and really explore the world. So much so, that one in three of them are prepared to spend £5,000 on summer vacations. Many have probably never considered Belgrade as a destination, however, perhaps because of its troubled past. Yet, this is a great city with a promising future that offers a great vibe to those still in their youth. The city is quickly becoming a city of festivals. They have around 100 every year, covering everything from theatre to jazz as well as other arts. There certainly is a buzz around this city that draws people in. For all this modernness, however, the city also has a vibe that feels almost 20 years behind everyone else. It really is inspiring.

3. Moscow, Russia

Saint Basil's Cathedral, Moscow, Russia

We’ve all heard of Moscow but have we really thought of paying it a visit? You really should, this is an amazing city that has so much to offer when it comes to history, culture and lifestyle. The architecture is just amazing and the people are incredibly friendly. There are also plenty of city parks, which the locals are extremely proud of. These offer you the chance to really relax and enjoy your surroundings. The nightlife is varied and thriving and the food is to die for. If we do tempt you, make sure to visit St Petersburg too. This former Russian capital is home to much of the backstory of Russia and so offers the chance to really get to know the country.