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Adventure travel has come of age .Once upon a time, adventure travel was best associated with grungy school-leavers hitching their  way around the world on their gap year, not anymore…

But like those backpackers that have gone all sensible, adventure travel has grown up too. The market is a growing $263 billion industry and it’s attracting quite a different crowd.  Around half of those heading out on an adventure holiday are married, the average age of an adventure traveler is 36 and around 30% will take along their family and kids.

Northern Lights
Northern Lights

Sami reindeer sled to see the northern lights or trekking in Nepal – This new interest in adventure stems from a desire to explore lesser known destinations and experience unique, life enhancing escapes. And when you compare an old style ‘fly and flop’ break with helping to save endangered species on an exotic island in Malaysia, trekking through the Nepalese mountains to see its ancient temples or joining the traditional Norwegian Sami tribe to see the Northern Lights in Norway, it’s not hard to see why!

Capitalising on this trend is new adventure travel app Envago, a free app that allows travellers to search, compare and book unique experiences around the globe. It’s even possible to meet up with others booked for the same adventure. Here are some of the best adventures available through the app.

Desert safari in Oman – The welcoming Middle Eastern country of Oman offers an authentic glimpse into Arabian culture with a hugely diverse landscape that flows from mountainous peaks to glistening golden or red sand dunes and beautiful beaches. In the east of the country lies the 10,000 sq. m of the A’Sharqiyah sand dunes, homeland of the Bedouin people. A new planner to Envago app, The Guide Oman, offer the opportunity to head out on your own desert safari. Captain of a four by four stocked with everything you will need, and after expert tuition, you will navigate the seemingly endless expanse of the dunes before setting up camp to sleep under the stars (or in a tent if you prefer) with the silky desert sand as your mattress.

Mountains and monasteries in Nepal – As known for its epic mountains as its spirituality and abundance of temples, the Hindu country of Nepal offers that heady mix of the frantic in its capital Kathmandu and other cities to the serenity of its ten national parks. One of the many experiences in Nepal, from flying over its mountains to boating or paragliding on Phewa Lake in Pokhara, Envago offer a 7 day Everest and Tengboche monastery trek in Nepal from planner Nepal Tour, an easy trek suitable for anyone over 18. Designed to incorporate the best of Nepalese culture with the natural beauty of the area, you will visit the Namche, gateway to all Everest expeditions and the Khamjung monastery which is home to the mysterious ‘Yeti’ scalp found by explorer Sir Edmund Hillary in 1960. Whilst at the Tengboche monastery, a sacred Buddhist site 3867m above sea level and home to around 60 monks, enjoy the panoramic views of Everest, Nuptse and Lhotse- probably the best mountain scenery you will ever encounter in your lifetime.

Green turtles conservation in Malaysia – Staying on a tropical island is a dream for many of us. But what if you could enjoy paradise whilst saving an endangered species? The island of Lang Tengah off the east coast of Malaysia is home to the Lang Tengah Turtle Watch Project which aims to monitor green turtle landings and save their eggs from poachers. Volunteering holidays like working with Lang Tengah or ‘voluntourism’ is one of the five categories of adventures that Envago offer (the others are earth, air, water and rock & ice), and this type of adventure holiday holds particular appeal for many. The nightly patrols with the luminescent sky full of fireflies and shooting stars above whilst ancient creatures haul themselves from the sea, combined with the immense gratification from making a huge difference to their future survival, makes this a once in a lifetime experience.


Canoeing in Croatia – Not perhaps the first place you’d think of for an adventure holiday, but it should be! With no less than eight national parks to its name, Croatia is synonymous with crystal clear lakes, awesome waterfalls and rivers ideal for canoeing, kayaking and rafting. One of Envago’s experienced providers Raftrek invites you to the emerald waters of the Zrmanja and Krupa rivers in northern Dalmatia for a day of canoeing that even small children from 6 years old (that can swim) can join in on. After tuition in canoeing technique, journey through springs, paddle through rapids and take on waterfalls, with a relaxing break by the Krupa waterfall and lagoon for an al-fresco picnic lunch and swimming.

Sami reindeer sledding in Norway – Only around 2-hours flight time from the UK, Norway presents a welcome opportunity to experience the fabled northern lights but also gain an appreciation for the ancient Norwegian way of life. Envago work with Sami Adventure for a quirky, family friendly adventure that will see you meeting a Sami herding family from Kvaløya near Tromsø who will lead your reindeer sled to see the mysterious and ethereal northern lights. Wrapped up snugly against the cold, witness the Aurora, named after the Roman goddess of dawn, feed the reindeers and even taste some traditional Sami food and drink at the Sami village in a cosy Lavvu tent.

For the adventures listed, and many more adventures around the globe please visit www.envagoapp.com and download the app for free. When will your dream happen?