Vietnam is a rich and fascinating country full of culture, history, world-class attractions and the most delicious food, and there has been no better time to plan a visit than in 2020. Visit between November and April for the best weather.

Lunar New Year

The most significant festival for Vietnamese communities all over the world, Lunar New Year (known as Tet Nguyen Dan in Vietnamese) is taking place in early 2020. This could be a particularly exciting time for travellers to visit Vietnam, allowing them to gain a thoroughly unique and immersive experience in the culture. Travellers will get a chance to witness thousand-year-old traditions and learn more about the cultural values of Vietnamese people.

The Lunar New Year celebrations occur on the first day of the first lunar month each year, usually lasting for up to 15 days in total. For many, this celebration is a time of feast with fantastic cakes and extravagant dishes. Many also choose to dress up in impressive costume. The Vietnamese follow the traditions of Tet by celebrating the Kitchen God’s day to mark the beginning of the Lunar New Year. Household altars are decorated with fruit, flowers and incense to bid farewell to the Kitchen Gods and welcome the return of deities. This is an enthralling time for travellers to see spectacularly vibrant flower displays, and a chance to try some of the rarest delicacies and specialities.

World class attractions and natural wonders

Vietnam is a country full of charming sights and experiences, as well as incredible cultural diversity and natural beauty. For this reason, there is just so much to see. Some of the favourites that make it on to every traveller’s bucket list are Halong Bay, Hanoi, and Sa Pa.

Halong Bay is the home of two incredible UNESCO World Heritage sites, and often credited as the number one place to visit in Vietnam. The pictures show Halong Bay as an idyllic paradise, but would you believe us if we told you pictures couldn’t do this place justice? This bay is a natural garden of thousands of green limestone islands that sit amongst the emerald waters of the Gulf of Tonkin. Take to a boat and see this world-renowned wonder in all its glory.

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam, and a tourist hub all year round. Those looking for stunning, historic architecture and culture will not be disappointed, but neither will those looking for vibrant nightlife, exotic street food and convenient transport links. Hanoi is a city developing at astonishing speed, and yet it is surprisingly keeping its roots steeped deeply in thousands of years of tradition and history.

Sa Pa is popular amongst travellers who enjoy trekking and hiking. This stunning landscape is a favourite for photographers due to its dramatic rice terraces and luscious green features. Sa Pa also offers an unmissable chance for tourists to take a closer look at Vietnamese culture and the rich, diverse village life.

Discover the authentic origins of your favourite cuisine

In an age of modern and innovative cuisine, Vietnamese food and its long list of age-old recipes still stand as one of the most popular cuisines all over the world. Visiting Vietnam is a fantastic opportunity to try your favourite dishes in the country and cities that they originated, but also a great chance to try new dishes that you’ve never heard of before.

Pho is a national staple in Vietnam and a firm favourite in countries such as the USA and UK. This dish consists of a warming broth filled with flat rice noodles, meat and plenty of delicious toppings. Another dish worth a try is Bun Cha. A dish that traditionally consists of barbecued pork, freshly-made noodles and fish sauce. This dish is often advertised by Vietnamese restaurants as ‘Obama noodles’ after the former US president visited the country in 2016.

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