Five Reasons to Consider Owning a Holiday Lodge

If you’re still deciding what to do for your holiday this year, you’re not alone. With climate change causing extreme heat across Europe, at least 67% of British holidaymakers are changing their travel plans for 2023.

With so much uncertainty surrounding international travel, the more relaxing option could be to pick a location in the UK and stick to it. And since there are so many breathtaking areas of natural beauty in England, Scotland, and Wales, purchasing your own holiday lodge, a home-from-home could be the best way to experience your time on holiday.

Five reasons to buy your own holiday lodge in the UK

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  • It’s a home from home

There’s no better feeling than returning home after a long holiday, feeling refreshed and ready to get back to it. But what if you could recreate that feeling in another part of the country?

When you buy a holiday lodge, you can fill it with all the usual home comforts and make it your own. You won’t need to think about having any noisy neighbours or a busy breakfast buffet, either. Holiday lodges are private spaces that give you more flexibility and freedom than any type of hotel setting.

  • You’ll get closer to nature

If you’d like a change of scenery, going on holiday could be a wonderful opportunity to discover woodlands, mountains, and stunning beaches. Whether the sandy forests of North Norfolk or the breathtaking peaks of the Snowdonia National Park are more your style, owning your holiday home means you can become a local expert.

Perfect for families who like to stay active and discover nature on holiday, some of the best lodges for sale are located near beautiful coastlines and National Parks in the UK. Outdoor activities have no age limit, so you could make the most of the area surrounding your lodge for many years to come.

holiday lodge

  • It’s a good investment

Even though buying your own holiday lodge involves quite a significant cost upfront, it’s a good long-term investment because you can always rent it out or sell it on after a few years.

During peak periods like the school summer holidays, you could make a considerable amount of money even by letting out your lodge for a few weeks. And when you come to sell it on, you could even make a sizeable return if you’ve kept the lodge in good condition.

  • You can take your dog

Fed up with making holiday plans in the UK only to find out that the hotel you’ve booked won’t accept your four-legged friend? Or, perhaps you just can’t bear the thought of leaving your best friend at the kennels, which can be an incredibly stressful experience for any pet.

The good news is that many holiday lodges are perfectly suitable for pets – and if you’re buying your own, you get to decide who comes with you. Whether that’s the dog or the cats too, there’s no need to worry about expensive boarding fees or strict rules on pets.


If you’re looking for more flexibility, privacy, and independence on holiday, buying your own lodge is a sensible decision. You can keep it for as long as you’d like to, make precious memories with your loved ones there, and sell it on when the time is right.

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