Budget Travel Tips for Students

Since the travel restrictions have been lifted and virtual education has taken things to another level, many British students felt the urge to travel both locally and beyond.

Without a doubt, it is still quite challenging to make your plans and dreams come true when you are on a tight student budget. It does not mean that you have to give up because there are many options and special tricks to consider! Starting with the group travel campaigns to booking something as an early bird, you can significantly decrease your expenses with these budget travel tips for students and still have fun!

Budget Travel Tips for Students

– Choosing Hybrid Education Methods.

travel tips for students

One of the best ways to make your traveling possible when your funds are limited is turning to hybrid learning. It stands for a mixed approach of remote studies and visits in person for examination purposes. This way, you can adjust your time and make your studies more accessible. When you have more free time, it’s possible to choose your travel opportunities wisely. Of course, when you are in a writer’s block situation, choosing Writing Universe should be one of the first solutions to consider. Just remember that you can always get help, even when you are in the middle of a trip!

– Group Travel Opportunities.

travel tips for students

When your funds are limited, a great option worth checking is the practice of group travels, where you take at least three other persons and share your investments. This way, it will be much easier to travel as you can share the accommodation costs and book more space. It is where special discounts for students apply, which is why you must always have your student ID with you. Do not forget about Travelcards practice in the UK to receive at least a 30% discount as you move through the country. Some international discounts may apply as well, depending on the country of choice!

– Scholarships and Field Studies.

travel tips for students

If all else fails, consider exchange programs, community work, and volunteering programs for students that allow you to travel on a special scholarship. The same is true for internships and field studies, where going abroad is a part of your academic mission to collect specific information and take notes. If your course allows that, feel free to ask your academic advisor and see what official travel options you may have. You can also consider scholarships for non-academic merits by participating in social campaigns that may also include student traveling opportunities.

– Booking Your Trip Early.

One of the most important things to consider is the timing of your booking. Regardless if you are planning to choose a fancy hotel in Paris or visit some places in London, you must remember that locations that are further from the centre will be much cheaper. Speaking of travel tips, one must consider the time of the year and the travel packages that might be available for students that already include various discounts and special offers. Take your time to read online reviews, determine when tourist locations are less crowded, and do not forget about transportation that may offer additional discounts too!

Having a Good Plan Always Helps

travel tips for students

When you are determined to travel, you should not only allocate enough time but also think about other responsibilities that you have as a student. It all comes down to having a clear plan or an outline of places that you would like to visit. Start with your available resources first, then think of your academic schedule and the upcoming deadlines. Now, if it’s possible to get something done earlier or ask for an extension, feel free to do so. This way, you won’t be all worked up by thinking about your studies all the time instead of enjoying your trip. When you have a plan, it helps to know what you can and cannot do! It might take some time to adjust your time and possibilities, yet it always pays off in the end!


Diane Sherron is an educator with a passion for innovative learning methods and success training. As she travels the world, Diane loves sharing her discoveries and helpful tips. Follow Diane to let your creativity flow freely and find inspiration.

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