Are you busy looking for holiday destinations for this Summer? Well there is one thing that stands between you and that sunshine drenched beach – the airport! Are you a lover or a hater?

Airport experiences can vary dramatically – some love the shopping opportunities while others hate the queues. The experts at airFair explore the most common loves and hates about these gateways to a world full of destinations.


Shopping – What better way to start a holiday than grabbing a bargain or two at duty free?  Any purchases always seem more satisfying when they will be travelling with you on that mini break or holiday in the sun.

Relaxing – While the build-up and arrival at an airport might not be the most relaxing experience, many travellers get into holiday mode once through check in and security. From massage chairs to pamper time in a salon there’s something for everyone. 

Eating and drinking – These days airports have pretty much everything you want in them, including food and drink. There’s usually a wide range of bars and restaurants, perfect for toasting the start of an exciting adventure or having a small tipple to take the edge off if you’re a bit of a nervous flyer. With so many cuisines from across the world, you might even feel like you’re starting your holiday early.

People watching – Something most people are guilty of, with airports offering a hive of activity to survey. Whether a heart-warming reunion or family feud, there’s never a dull moment with so many passengers milling around. You might even spot a celebrity or two if you’re lucky.

Plane spotting – In addition to people watching, airports present the perfect environment to spot planes taking off. Great for any younger travellers or keen aircraft fanatics. 


Getting there / parking – You’re all packed and ready to go, just a short drive to the airport… But before you know it you’re caught in traffic with all the other holiday makers and checking the time frantically every 2 minutes. When you do finally arrive you are reminded of just how expensive it is to leave your car at an airport for a week. Why didn’t we get a taxi again?

Queuing – The only thing standing in the way of that place in the sun is queues – whether at check-in, security or your gate, they can be extremely frustrating and are sometimes enough to ruin an airport experience.You’ll more than likely spend at least half the time you’re at an airport in a queue. Check-in can be a nightmare if the airline is understaffed, security seems to take a lot longer than it should and just when you think you’re nearly there the gate queues are nearly enough to make you turn round and go home.

Delays – Most of us will have been affected by flight delays at some point in our lives. A flight delay is one of the most frustrating things that can happen to you, especially when the airline keeps you in the dark over what is happening. While nothing can ever get you back those hours of thumb twiddling in the airport, there are certain instances when you can claim compensation from the airlines. If you’re flight is delayed by more than three hours from an EU airport you could be entitled to up to £480. The easiest way to claim for a flight delay is to download the airFair app. Research has shown that 95% of people who are entitled to compensation due to a delayed flight don’t claim it*, so make sure you don’t miss out!

Getting lost – Some airports are as big as your local town these days, so finding your way to the gate isn’t as easy as it sounds. You’ve arrived in plenty of time but after having to walk a mile and a half to find your gate there’s no time for any duty free shopping.

Additional costs – Going on holiday can be expensive at the best of times so the last thing you want is extra costs. You’ve spent hours packing and cramming everything into your suitcase but what about that weight limit on baggage? Paying extra for overweight baggage is the worst possible start to a holiday – maybe you should have left that tenth pair of shoes at home?