Tyre and Car Care Tips For a Safe Driving Experience

Safety should be the paramount concern of all drivers each and every time they take to the road. However, from the north coast of Scotland to the southern coast of England, many British drivers just jump in their car and set off without properly considering the condition of their car. Leaving safety matters to your annual MoT is not enough. You should be checking your car’s tyres and other safety features more regularly than that. What do you need to know?

Warning Lights

Tyres and safe Driving

If you have a warning light that has come on to your dashboard, then you should never ignore it. Although your car might feel as though it is handling perfectly well, warning lights are there for a reason. Take your car to a mechanic at the next opportunity and don’t be tempted to put this job off for a few weeks in the hope that the light will simply go out.

Check Tyre Wear

Tyres and safe Driving

The tread of your tyres is important for safety. With better tread, so your driving experience will improve as you are able to corner with greater confidence, for example. Cracked or balding tyres, on the other hand, could mean there is a problem around the corner. Tough road conditions in places like Dunfermline may mean your tyres don’t last as long as they should. If you think your wheels have worn out and you require new tyres, then you should visit Fife-Autocentre to get durable tyres in Dunfermline (01592 631211). Fitting winter tyres is a good idea if you need to drive over high ground frequently in the winter months.

Indicator Safety

Tyres and safe Driving

If you have got into the habit of failing to indicate when you pull away from a parking spot or no longer tell other road users which way you are planning on turning at a junction, then it is time to mend your ways. However, it is very often the case that people are signalling prior to each manoeuvre they make but their lights are not coming on. For this reason, it is a good idea to check your indicators and their hazard warning function every few months. Doing so could even save your life if one or more of them isn’t working and you hadn’t realised otherwise. While you are at it, confirm your brake lights and fog lights are working, too. Unlike your headlamps, problems with these lights are harder for drivers to notice on their own.

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