Yorkshire Grouse

New season Yorkshire Grouse, with juniper leg lollipop, saffron spiced potatoes, new season cobnuts, damson jam, braised cabbage heart and girolles.


Yorkshire Grouse x 1 whole bird (oven ready)

1 whole egg

30ml milk

2 juniper berries

40g flour

40g Panko breadcrumb

200 ml duck fat or flavoured oil

3 Maris piper potatoes

1g saffron

1.5 stock cubes

500g cob nuts or hazelnuts

400ml whole full milk

500g damsons

100g caster sugar

1 pointed cabbage

150g unsalted butter

2 sprigs thyme

2g peppercorns

200g girolles



Yorkshire Grouse preparation:

I would begin by breaking down the bird and removing the legs to confit them. Start by removing the back of the grouse and keeping as much of the skin as possible on the breast, so that when cooking the grouse crown the skin doesn’t retreat too much. Once you’ve cut the legs off, submerge them in melted duck fat or flavoured oil, and cooking in a warm oven (110-120 degrees c) in a small roasting tin for around 2 hours.

Damson jam:

To make the damson jam, place the damsons in a large saucepan with a dash of cold water and the caster sugar. I only use a small amount of sugar for this jam because I want it to be tart. Allow to simmer until you can coat the back of a spoon with the liquor in the pan. Once ready, take off the heat and allow to cool before removing the stones.

Cob nuts or hazelnuts:

The cob nut is the wild English hazelnut and can be found in lots of wood areas in the UK. If you can’t find them, you can do the same thing with roasted hazelnuts. Place 400g of the nuts in a small saucepan with the milk and warm until infused with the nutty flavour. When cool, add vegetable oil slowly and emulsify using a hand blender until mayonnaise consistency. You will use the rest of your nuts to be grated on top of your finished dish.

Braised cabbage:

To braise the cabbage, warm the butter, thyme and peppercorns and place the heart of the cabbage, basting with a spoon until soft. This should take around 20 minutes.

Saffron potato:

I have used a melon baller here for my potatoes to ensure they all cook at the same time, but also look nice. You can also use an ice cream scoop. Once you’ve done this, melt your stock cube in boiling water, add your saffron and bring to the boil with some salt and pepper. Put your potatoes in the boiling water, and cover until cooked. This will take around 20 minutes.

To finish the dish:

Remove your Yorkshire grouse legs from the fat, and move the leg meat down the bone and gather into a ball. The meat should easily break away from the bone. In three separate bowls, add the beaten egg, flour and breadcrumbs, then roll the ball in the flour followed by the egg, then breadcrumbs. Shallow fry until golden brown.

You can now cook the grouse. Heat a frying pan until searing hot with oil, then cook the bird until it is golden brown, and finish with butter. Once cooked, cover with tin foil and rest for around 10 minutes before serving.

Just before serving, sauté the girolles in the same pan you used to cook the cabbage.


Plate and serve.