gressingham duck

Few can deny that shredded duck with Hoi Sin and pancakes is one of the most simple, yet delicious entrees around, but never underestimate the versatility of this underrated bird. There are plenty more ways to enjoy duck, be it roasted, fried or slow-cooked, and this lemon, mint and chilli creation is just one of them.

The contrasting flavours of the fiery red chillies and Chinese five-spice, fresh and zesty lemon and mint make for a unique taste sensation that few can resist.

Having served this dish up for family and friends with a diverse range of pallets on several occasions, I can confirm that it’s a real crowd pleaser, yet also surprisingly quick and easy to make. Perfect for the spring and summer seasons, as well as a Mother’s Day or Easter weekend treat, it’s a dish that can work well with both red and white wine.  

For my latest take on the dish, I served it up with steamed broccoli, sugar snap peas and mustard mash, but it also works just as well with salad and cous cous if you’re going for a starter or lighter bite.

Here’s all the ingredients you need along with step-by-step instructions on creating this dish:

Ingredients and instructions

2 x Gressingham Duck Breasts

2 tbsp Chinese Five Spice

Splash of Olive Oil

Fresh Mint Leaves

½ Unwaxed Lemon Zest and Juice

1 Diced Red Chili

  • Score the fat on each duck breast and season with the Five Spice. Allow the breasts to rest at room temperature for 10-15 minutes before cooking.
  • Meanwhile, pre-heat the oven to 180°C (fan 160°C) or gas mark 4.
  • Place the seasoned duck breasts fat side down on a large, medium heat non-stick frying pan with no oil. Cook for approximately 8 minutes until the skin turns golden brown and crispy.
  • Remove duck from the pan and place on a roasting rack in the centre of the oven. Cook for 10 mins for rare, 15 mins for medium or 18 mins well done.
  • To create the dressing, mix the lemon, chilli, mint and olive oil in a pan.
  • Remove duck from oven, and allow to rest for five minutes before carving and drizzle with dressing ready to serve.

Look out for number two of three delicious duck recipes coming soon, as Fletch cooks up Fiery Korean Duck Legs. In the meantime, head to Gressingham and browse their extensive and diverse library of duck recipes.

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